Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Test Results

So yesterday ticked by slowly.  We did what we could to keep ourselves occupied while at the hospital.  Cardon's does a great job at doing what they can to entertain the kids, and make the best out of a bad situation.  In the late afternoon he was invited to go paint in the 'playroom.'  We were sick of sitting around, so we took a walk over the check it out. 

They had a choice to either paint a birdhouse or a car.  Caden picked the car.  The best part was that he didn't even want it for himself.  He painted away, all the while talking about how cool Thomas was going to think it was. 

It was nice to keep our mind off of things, and just enjoy the moment.  He was in much higher spirits.  They had dialed back his fluids and seemed to be coping well.  He still had a nasty cough, and not much of an appetite, but otherwise okay. 

I figured since it was almost 2, and I hadn't heard from the doctor that could mean two things.  1.Either we were staying another day or 2. Everything thing came back good, and they were just getting things in order for us to be discharged. Sometimes no news is good news, right.  So that was a little comforting.  After we were done painting we headed back to the room, and shortly the doctor came in.

The CT Scan was completely clean!  HALLELUJAH!  (Part of me wanted them to find something just to explain all this craziness, and also to stick it to them for treating me like an idiot.  The other part was relieved that according to the scan all of his stomach area looked perfect!)  When they do a CT scan of the abdomen, it also captures a little bit of the lower parts of the lungs.  It showed there that was some sort of something in the lower part of his left lung.  Which is probably a result of the other respiratory stuff he has been dealing with.

All of his bloodwork came back normal too.  His CO2  and electrolytes had come back up, and his liver and pancreas enzymes had normalized.  So they felt that it was okay to discharge him.  Although I still have no idea what made my little Caden so sick, atleast this time around I feel alot better about him being discharged.  I feel like we did all we could, checked all the bases, and are sure that things are back to normal before sending us on our way. They gave us an antibiotic to fight the respiratory stuff he is dealing with so hopefully that is all he will need to get back to complete health. 

Shawn was on his way with our other 2 kiddos to visit us when we got the news of his discharge so it was great timing.  My heart swelled while driving home.  They all missed each other so much.  Sydney was in hysterical laughter the entire way home from Caden's antics.  I hope they are as good friends when they are older as they are now. 

Thanks for all your concern and prayers.  Now lets just pray he can continue to improve because I think I will absolutely lose it if I have to see another hospital.

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2 people know I LOVE comments!:

Shawn said...

All I have to say is that Santa Clause was creepy.

Casey said...

Poor Caden :( But look at that beautiful smile still! What a trooper! You have an awesome kid! and I hope he feels 100% very soon!

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