Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life with Sydney

Last month a friend of mine was doing some Easter Mini Shoots. I hadn't actually got their easter outfits yet, but thought I would get some pictures taken in their brown suit's and dresses. I wanted to have Sydney's hair down, but wanted it curly. So I took piece by piece and curled it in ringlets. When I was done she looked sooo cute. It reminded me of Shirley Temple. I had individually sprayed each curl with hairspray so her hair was a little stiffer than normal. I was so excited, and brought her to the mirror to show her how 'beautiful' she looked. I expected a smile to flash across her face because she likes me to make her hair beautiful, but instead the flood gates opened. My poor girl stared at herself in the mirror, and begged for me to 'put her hair back together!'
She eventually got over it. Once I separated the curls, put a bow in her hair, and gave her hair some time to looked great. We headed over to the photo shoot, and while we were there I came to a realization about my little girl. She does not like to have any attention brought to her. I have so many little candid shots of her where she smiles away, and looks as cute as can be...but all (a whole 3) of the professional photo shoots we have tried to do with her is like pulling teeth getting a genuine smile. It didn't occur to me until that day how much she really hates being in the spotlight. Here are a series of shots from the can see how much she is loathing the experience, and then we finally get genuine smile!
Don't even try to give her a compliment. If you try to tell her she is beautiful, pretty, funny, a princess...she will stop you short. Then simply matter of fact she will say "I am NOT {insert compliment} I AM Sydney!

My girl LOVES to sing. In fact my world is filled with a never ending loop of her version of "Part of your world." If there is ever a lull in anything she starts belting out the tune, but the minute I look at her, she stops singing, and says "Stop it"....even though I did nothing but LOOK at her. I happened to actually get her on tape the other day in the car. You can tell in the beginning she knew the camera was on, but a little bit into...I think she forgot. It makes me grin everytime....her lyrics are always wrong, and sometimes not even understandable, but I LOVE IT!

She really is the sweetest thing ever. I am thankful to have my little girly girl....even if she gives me attitude from time to time.

A special thanks to Ashley, and her super talent. I am SO happy with how all the pictures turned out! If you missed out on the Easter Mini Shoot... She is having a special for a Mothers Day Mini Session!

Check back later to see Thomas and Caden's pics :) For now I am off to Women's Conference!! 3 days to have fun and be uplifted with my best friend Julie! Yay!!! Wish Shawn luck!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LIttle Red Riding Hood

Every year Caden's school puts on the same play. "Little Red Riding Hood". All the Kindergarten classes, and the YLK (Young Learner Kindergarten) classes work together through out the year to put this production. It really was one of the cutest things to watch.Shawn was out of town so he was not able to go. I tried to tape the thing, but it was pretty hard to do because Sydney and Thomas wanted to be all over me. My parents came, and they were able able to help a little bit. I definitely need to invest in a tripod. There were a few kindergartners that had main roles, but everyone in Caden's class was a different animal that got to perform a different song. Caden was a penguin. He was so excited for the evening, and I couldn't have been more proud of my boy.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Underlying Story

UPDATE: For those of you who read this and are really worried for me....don't be. :) I am doing great. Actually I think I am doing better than I have been in a long time. I didn't mean to make anyone worried, and didn't mean to sound so depressed. My main point here was to explain that there are some things that I just feel aren't appropriate to share with the whole internet. Believe me...I have had alot of venting with close friends. I am doing well. Thanks for the love!

When watching some of my favorite TV shows it is always apparent that there is an underlying story that ties each episode together. It is those issues that we all know are there, but are never fully addressed and in essence it is those things that keep us watching because it is what makes the show interesting. So we continue to watch and see different events occur, but again those core issues are never resolved.

I think in some ways our lives play out in the same way. We all have an underlying story in our day to day lives. Those things that make us who we are. Things we are continually dealing with, but sometimes never address. We go through each day doing our tasks, having fun with our families, and as always life goes on. April has been a big blur. We have had lots of fun with Easter, birthdays, parties, weddings...yet everytime I went to write about it....all I could think about what was going on in the 'background'....or the underlying story of my life.

The best thing about blogs is that you can paint a picture of how wonderful things are. Don't get me wrong....things are wonderful, but it also doesn't mean that we have heartache in between. For the most part I try to be positive, and sometimes things are just better left unsaid. Anyhow, I think I finally can focus on my actual 'episodes' and not my underlying come back over the next few days and I can show you the fun we had.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jonny & Randee

I love weddings. They are such a happy time. My kids absolutely love them too. My older brother Jonny got married in April to Randee. They have two kids together, and my parents couldn't be happier that they finally tied the knot. They got married at a resort, and it was really beautiful. I am glad we were able to be a part of the fun. Congrats to them and their little family.

Ethan didn't want 'Mommy' to stand there
Thomas in his suit...I love my little man!
Sydney actually stole this bridesmaid bouquet. She just thought it was so beautiful.
We love our cousins. Sydney can't get enough of 'Baby Emma'. We don't get to see her too often so when she is around Sydney won't leave her side. They are just too cute together.
Mom and Jonny

My brother Charlie actually made a video of the fun the kids have. It is on my Facebook if you aren't my friend...then add me. :) The video is so adorable! Check it out!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


This year when we woke up the Easter Bunny hadn't come! We got ready in our Easter Best, and went to church instead. Thomas was asleep for our photo shoot, but you can see him in his cute suit here.
When we got home we were surprised to find that the Easter Bunny didn't forget us, but came while we were gone! I think next year he is going to try to come a WHOLE day early so we can focus more on the Savior on Sunday. Thanks Easter Bunny!

We had a great time hunting for Easter Eggs, and of course eating our candy. It was a fabulous day full of fun, food, and family!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

My Relief Society organized a tutorial class for Photoshop. I know how to use it a bit, but it has only been from playing around. I thought I would go to the class to learn some more formal things on how to use it. We have had 2 classes so far, and I have learned alot of fun things. Photoshop is such an amazing program, and I am so excited to start doing more things with it other than making headers for my blog. Here are a few pages that I did. The spring one I did in class, and I made the Thomas one the other day using a template from here. All the papers and elements are from the Shabby Princess Happy Go Lucky Freebie.

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