Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been trying to grow out my hair for a while.  I like it long, but I always seem to get bored and then I chop it off.  Lately I have been doing this ALL.THE.TIME.

I am at the point where I want to just chop it all off.  Except I don't think it is because I am is because it is TOO.DANG.HOT!  Even on days that I take the time to 'do' my hair, it ends up in a ponytail because I can't handle it on my neck.
I have seen this many times, and just had to share

My poor kids weren't allowed outside for recess all week long due to a heat advisory.  I not only feel bad for them, but also the teachers who never seem to get a break. So not fair!

I know us Arizonians always seem to complain this time of year.  I really love Arizona.  Most of the time it is absolutely great.  Just lately it has been awful if you are outside for any amount of time.  I have no idea how pioneers lived here back in the day.  AC is my dear dear friend.

Here's to hoping it starts to cool off otherwise I may get impatient and decide to chop off all of my hair anyway. 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Switched at Birth

I love Netflix.  I know there has been alot of controversy as of late because they have raised their prices, but I still love them.  We had actually recently changed to just unlimited streaming because that was all we really all their new crap hasn't affected us yet. of the reasons why I like it so much is the ability to watch TV series without all of the dumb commercials.  Of course they don't have every single show, but I found some really fun shows this way. Some of our favorites have been Prison Break and Veronica Mars (although Veronica Mars is no longer offered in instant play)

They recently added the show Switched at Birth. I read the premise to the show, and was immediately intrigued... 
Switched at Birth, a one-hour scripted drama, tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a working-class neighborhood. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls.

I have now watched it....and wow...I love it.  It is great on so many levels. 

As a mother, it has made me think about how I would handle things if I was put in that type of situation. Part of me would have a hard time because I could not imagine realizing that for the past 16 years I raised someone elses child (now...this is different from adoption...which I am all for!  This mother carried and gave birth to a baby, and then thought she brought home her biological child). I would hope that I would be able to tell if they brought me a different baby.

Then as a child, it is interesting to see how each girl handles the news.  It addresses the whole...what would my life had been like if?  The girls come from such diverse backgrounds, and their lives would have been totally different. 

I love how they try to work together to allow the girls to get to know their biological parent, yet still keep their relationships intact. I would like to think that I would be like Bay's mother, and feel like I gained another daughter....I mean how can you not love the daughter you raised, and the daughter that you may not know, but is your biological child. They struggle to figure things out, but it is so touching in many ways.

I am also fascinated with the deaf aspect of the show.  It is so cool to understand a little bit more the struggles that they can face.  And I love watching people sign. 

My mind has been swirling with lots of thought on the show.

Have any of you watched the show??  If you haven't, and have Netflix...add it to your queue, watch it, and then come and discuss!  I now can't wait for the next season.

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Monday, August 22, 2011


The kids around here refer to Thomas as being 'sneaky.'  That is just a nice way of referring to the fact that Thomas is always trying to get into and/or do something he shouldn't be doing. 

Since school started, we stocked up on some fun goodies (bags of chips, cookies, etc.) to put in their lunches.  We normally don't have stuff like this on hand for numerous reasons.  I just wanted to make things a little fun, and get the kids excited about bringing their lunch.

These snacks have been designated as 'lunch food' in they are not to be eaten except for school lunches.  We have even resorted to packing a lunch for Thomas everyday so he can participate in getting to choose from the loot. 

Well, sometimes just packing the lunch is not sufficient for our little Thomas.  He tells me that 'they are not just for school!' (picture a furrowed brow, pouty lips, and a very stern voice.) Then he tries to take matters into his own hands. 

The other day while I was nursing Grayson, Thomas thought he would be 'sneaky', and try to pilfer from the snack stash.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out too well for him this time... 

(Ignore the unorganized mess of my pantry)

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Friday, August 19, 2011


This past week our little Grayson put much effort into accomplishing this...

He also is finding this wayyyy to often for my liking.  I am hoping it is just a fluke.  
I was a thumbsucker (until I was in 2nd grade!!)  
I would rather have him hooked on a pacifier...because atleast I can take that away!
Heres to hoping!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

While Mom's away the Kids Will Play...

Sometimes I wonder why I even attempt to clean my house.  Kids have an uncanny way of undoing all your efforts almost before you are even finished.  I know there are times that my hunny may think I do nothing all day yet in reality I have cleaned up numerous messes along the way.  After today he may think a little differently.

Tonight was 'curriculum night' at the kids school.  Anna, a friend of mine, also wanted to attend, but her husband would not be home in time.  I volunteered my husband to watch her kids so that she could go.  Anna has five kids, but they are all pretty much aligned in ages with my 4, and they all get along great.

Dallin is the same age as Thomas.  Since they were 2 they have LOVED playing together.  I have never had a child bond a friendship at such a young age.  They are so fun to watch together.  Along with the fun they have...brings alot of mischief.  Today was one of those mischievous days. 

When the kids got dropped off, Shawn put on 'Hop' for the kids to watch.  He figured they would enjoy it, and stay out of trouble.  The boys had gone upstairs to 'play'...or so he thought.  A little while later he found them in the downstairs bathroom and thought it was 'cute', and taped them. 

After he filmed this he sent the boys outside to jump on the trampoline in order to dry off. Minutes after they went outside, he heard water dripping....from the light fixture in the DINING ROOM.

Apparently before the boys got into the bathtub, they were in the upstairs bathroom (instead of playing with the toys in their bedroom like Shawn had thought).  They had plugged both sinks and left the water running!!!  Shawn went upstairs to find water everywhere (all over the counter, floors, cabinets, it even seeped into every drawer)!  Of course he went to work trying to clean up that mess.  

Minutes later he went back downstairs to bring some of the soaked towels out to dry only to find that the boys had thrown all the pool toys, our barbecue tools, and all of our recycle trash over the fence into the pool!!!!  (I so wish he would have taken a picture!!) 

Luckily the damage was minimal, and despite Shawn's initial frustration, he was able to laugh the whole situation off.  Anna's oldest, Austin, jumped into the pool and emptied it of its unwanted contents.  Then later in the evening Anna came by with a few bags of fruit so Shawn could make his much loved smoothies.  We also have a great story to tell them when they get older!
Don't let those cute smiles fool you...Those two little rascals sure know how to get into trouble. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sydney's Style 2010

When I found out I was pregnant with Sydney, I was so excited.  Girls bring so much fun.  It is literally like having your own little doll to play with.  You get to dress them, and do their hair however you want for the first part of their life.

Then they get bigger.  More independent. My little Sydney did just that.  I was looking at some old files of pictures.  I noticed in the year 2010 she showed alot of her 'independence' in the way she dressed.  I figure there has to be give and take while parenting...apparently that year I decided that it wasn't worth the fight to get her to wear what I wanted.  So instead of getting mad and making her change her outfit....I just took a picture.

Now I have a small collection of her 'awesome' outfits. Makes me wish I took more pictures because I am sure she had much more than just these beautiful ensembles! She has grown out of this phase for now, and does a pretty good job at matching....we will see if it re-emerges in the future!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Random tiredness

I am tired.

I think it is this darn heat. 

It just seems to drain all of my energy.

Because of this, my brain does not want to work....thus making it hard to come up with thoughts for a post.

Well...actually I have alot of things on my mind, but to actually write them all out tonight is more than my brain can handle! :o)

So tonight I am just going to jot down some things I want to write about in the future.

*some hobbies/skills that I want to acquire.
*my thoughts about my backyard
*my love for the color YELLOW
*my extended family
*my aging children (next month Caden is turning 8!!  Such a magical number for my religion)
*dating my spouse
*catching up on my travels
*Grayson's milestones

Really there is so much more, but it will have to wait for another day.  Hopefully I can get my posts done during the day instead of right before I go to bed.  It helps when you can actually think! 

Night, night!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Next week our ward is going to be having a 'temple week'.  We are going to be having something every night that will focus on temples and the blessings that they bring into our lives.  I am really excited about it.  I think it will be a great opportunity to help my little ones learn more about the temple and how sacred it is. 

The church is in the process of building a new temple near our home.  It has been so fun to drive by and see the progress.  I can't wait until it is finished.  It is going to be so beautiful. 

I am so thankful for my membership in the church.  It has provided me with such a strength throughout my life.  I hope that I can teach my children to love the gospel as much as I do.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tasting Life

The other day I read a marvelous post written by Daring Young Mom titled 'Taste your Nerds'

It is such a simple little post, but it has been on my mind ever since.  I think about how many times in my life I just go through the motions.  Many times I am in survival mode, and just want the day to get done. 

I picture myself as her little Magoo being 'okay' with not actually tasting his candy but still wanting to down it all.  I look back and see alot of times where I have gave up opportunities to really 'taste my life.' 

I love how Kathryn says "If you’re gonna eat something yummy, eat it. If you’re gonna watch a show, watch it. If you’re gonna spend time with your kids, be present. Make sure you at least taste the candy on its way down."

It is so important to get out of our imaginary cloud, and be present in everything we do...not just with our kids, but EVERYTHING.  I have been trying to be better, and this was just a great reminder at how important that is.  Take life seriously.  Everything we do matters.  Make memories, and be more proactive.  

So join me and make more effort to 'Taste your Nerds!'  I think we will all be better for it!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I Slice a Watermelon

When I was young, my mom always cut up the watermelon in triangles with the rind attached. Yes it was easy, but also created a big mess for little hands to eat. 

I can't take full credit for this because I was shown how....I really am never one to come up with original ideas...I am a great copier!  Years ago at some event at my house, I was about to cut up a watermelon when my friend, Robbie, offered to do it for me.  I watched in amazement at how he did it.  It was so quick and easy.  Now it is the only way that I cut my watermelon. 
I always get asked how it is done so the other day I took pictures! 
FYI - if you have a flexible cutting board....that is the one to use.   It is much easier to get it into a bowl without a mess if you can bend your cutting board.  I got a set of two from IKEA for super cheap!
Once your watermelon is ready...cut it in half.
Take one of the halves and face it down on the cutting board.
Start near the top at an angle and slice down the watermelon.
Go around the entire melon just cutting off the rind.
Once you have all the sides done...slice off the top
 All that is left now is the yummy melon.  Make sure there is no white (rind).
This is where the fun begins.
Start at the top and slice horizontily all the way down to the bottom.
 I just eyeball it according to how big I want my cubes to be.  I moved the melon a bit so you could see the 'rows' won't want to do this.  Keep it all together.
 Once it has been cut horizontally.  Start at the top and cut straight down...making several rows.
 Then turn your cutting board, and cut straight down again...which makes your cubes!
 Now you are done!  Pick up your cutting board, and pour the yummy goodness into a bowl (This is the part that is easier if you have a bendable cutting board)
 It looks fabulous, and is done in half the time!
   Plus it is much easier to eat with no mess! 
 Now go and buy your Watermelon!
You know you want to try this out! 
Once you do, you will never cut it any other way again!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreams vs. Reality

There are so many times in my life where I envision things happening a certain way...then reality sets in, and it is far from the dream.  Today was one of those days.


  •  They wake up get dressed, 
  • eat a wholesome breakfast, 
  • take 'first day of school pictures and climb into the car to head to school. 
  • The excitement is the air.  We are all happy, and can't wait to get there. 
  • I get there with plenty of time for Sydney to play on the playground, and then get in line with her class so I can take some pictures.  
  • I am sad to send off 3 kids for the day (except only a few hours for Thomas)

  • Kids wake up at 6:15 am.  They get dressed with out complaint (check).
  • Syd refuses to eat breakfast because she just wants to leave (umm, school doesn't start until 9am).  Thomas tries to stuff his backpack with every snack possible, and then gets upset because he can't keep them.  Try reasoning with a 3 year old...its awesome.  Sydney and Thomas end up eating cheese and crackers for breakfast. 
  • Get lunches packed, and ready to go.  
  • Tell Caden to get his water bottle, and fill it up about 50 times.  
  • Run around the house like a chicken trying to get last minute supplies together.  
  • Get to do Sydney's hair while she cries the whole time because she thinks I am going to rip her hair out.  She goes back and forth from wanting me to do it or just leave it down. 
  • Realize I am running out of time.  Try to get a few pictures of the kids before they leave....somewhat successful.  
  • Try to shove the kids out the door, and in the car so we aren't late. Somehow even though they woke up 2 hours ago...they still aren't really ready.
  • I start the car, and Caden starts freaking out because he doesn't have his water bottle!  SERIOUSLY!  I told him a million times to go get it, and he tries to tell me he ran out of time! HA! water bottle today buddy!
  • Get to the school, and of course it is a zoo.  No where to park so I end up parking in a ditch across the street, and about a block down the road. 
  • Get out of the car just in time to hear the first bell ring.  
  • Try to herd 3 kids, and carry my baby fast enough to get to the school.  Almost there when the second bell rings.  
  • Finally get there in time to take a picture with Cousin Dylan...but while doing that...Sydney's class is already lined up, and went inside without her.  So I have to take her to her class late.  
  • Atleast I get some pictures. 
  • I am actually relieved this day is over, and glad they are in school....Not that I don't love my kids, but this is good for both of us.
The whole day I felt like I was rushing, and I hate that feeling!  I pictured a much calmer happier day.  It was a happy, but a rushed happy...and I don't like it.  I am hoping that we can get a better routine so that things don't always feel so rushed. 

The kids came home and had great things to report.  They love their teachers!  Syd told me all about a scavenger hunt she got to go on while exploring the school.  Caden is excited because his teacher lets them get 'treats'.  Thomas just loved being with Dylan. 

Although it was far from my 'dream' the end everything worked out, and the day was a success.  Yay for the first day of school!

(yes, Syd was in half-day kinder last year, but since she has a late birthday (Sept. 29) we decided to put her in full day here...I want her to be the oldest not the youngest in her class)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was a night that my kids have been anticipating for weeks.  At the school my kids attend they don't get to find out who their teacher is until they show up that evening.  The kids piled into the car and we headed over to the school. 

Caden was excited because he got the teacher he was hoping for (so was I).  I am really looking forward to getting to know her.  I have heard some of the greatest things about her.  I think she will be perfect for Caden.  He really needs a great teacher, and I am glad he was placed in her class.

Sydney was grinning ear from ear when she got a postcard from her teacher this afternoon.  So we got a little heads up before the actual night.  She loved exploring the classroom, and was sad when she found out that she has to wait until Wednesday to come back again.  I told her that I was going to miss having her gone all day.  She responded, "Don't worry Mom,  I will be home at night.  (as if it was no big deal)"  I don't think she will be having any problems.  She is excited to finally be at the same school as Caden, and can't wait to eat lunch in the cafeteria. 

Thomas is actually going to be at the same school he got to join in all the 'meet the teacher' fun.  For my sanity we decided it was best to have him go to pre-school here.  It costs a bit more, but it will be so nice to be able to drop him off at the same time as his siblings.  He is even getting to be in same class with 'Cousin Dylan'.  I think it will be great for them.  He was so enthralled with the new classroom that he didn't want me to take a picture!

All the kids are excited to be able to 'see each other in the halls.' 

It is a bittersweet thing for me.  I love my kids, and it is strange to know that half of them will be gone all day.  Then 3 days a week...I will have only Grayson.  Totally weird.  This summer has been fun, but really low key since the baby is so little.  I think the kids and I are both looking forward to the structure that school will provide.  It sometimes can be demanding, but really is the perfect thing for us. 

Here is to a great year!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blessings & Brunch

This morning I got to wake up bright and early.  Our church just changed to the glorious hour of 8 am.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time slot.  I love it because we are done by 11am which allows for afternoon Sunday naps.  I hate it because it is a beast to get myself and now 4 little ones dressed, fed and out the door by 7:30ish (if we leave any later we can't sit in the pews...and my kids don't do well in the chairs).

I woke up, showered, and got myself ready.  Then I scooped up my little bundle, and dressed him in white.  For today was his blessing day.  They are already so clean and pure, but to see him in his little white outfit makes my heart brim with gratitude.  It reminds me how blessed I am to be given such a great gift to help raise a child of my Heavenly Father. 

We sat in the pew with our little family, and the time soon came for Shawn to give Grayson a 'name & a blessing.'  As I watched Shawn walk towards the front with our baby in his arms, my eyes filled with tears.  It is funny how  joy is associated with crying.  I guess it is just what our body does when we can't handle our emotions whether happy or sad.  But atleast today they were happy...pure happiness.

*Have I mentioned how much I love his dimples?*

I am so thankful that I have a husband who holds and honors his priesthood.  He and several extended family members circled my little babe while Shawn blessed him.  It was a perfect moment that will forever be etched in my heart.
Afterwards our family came over to our house where we had a lovely brunch.  I took a chance and made a few things that I hadn't tested out before the actual event.  That always makes me nervous because I am never sure if it is going to taste good.  Luckily,  I was more than pleased...I loved them...and it seems everyone else did too.
The menu???
The best thing about these main dishes is they are all prepared the night all you have to do is pop them in the oven!
Made things easy peasy!

We also had....
fruit salad
bagel's & cream cheese
banana muffins
veggies with dip
pasta salad
and of course....OJ

Super yumminess.

It was lovely to celebrate with family and friends. 
I could have not asked for a more perfect day.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011


It is always fun for me to find little 'surprises' on my camera when I go to transfer them to my computer.

I laughed.out.loud when I saw this one.
It was taken in May shortly after I had delivered Grayson.

I guess they were playing dress up while I was stuck on the couch. 

A couple thoughts went through my head when I saw it.

1. Caden is pretty brave...a purple pettiskirt, blond wig, a feather boa...oh and don't forget the eye cover for his beauty sleep.  Definitely blackmail material when he is a teenager.

2. I cannot believe the differential in height between Caden and Sydney!  They are only two years apart, yet he towers over her!  He is extremely tall, and she is extra short.  I guess I am glad it isn't the other way around.

3.  I love the look of pure joy on their faces.  It makes me so happy when they are happy TOGETHER.  Siblings are AWESOME!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Thanks, Genes, & Food

  • First off I wanted to thank all of you who gave your thoughts on sleepovers.  It really was nice to know that I am not alone in the uneasiness that I have felt about the whole concept.  Many of you referred to a talk that was given called "Courageous Parenting." It touched on the topic of sleepovers and many more good parenting tips.  If you haven't read it  So much wisdom.  I had forgotten about it.  It helps make the decision much easier.

  • As I have said before one of the most common comments I get about my little Grayson is about his hair.  He has been referred to Elvis, and Jimmy Neutron more times than I can count.  Some wonder how he has so much hair.  I pulled out this picture today....I think it is just in the genes.:o)
Me - circa 1979
  • One of my favorite blogs that I read is Natalie's Sentiments.  She has two beautiful children.  She shares lots of creative ideas, and we share a common love for the color YELLOW.  I have loved reading about her life out east, and recently her move to Idaho.  At the end of June, she posted a recipe for Beef Empanadas & a Black Bean Dipping sauce.  I finally got around to making them for my family.  So easy to make & YUMMY. 
picture courtesy of Natalie's blog

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Lately I have been thinking alot about things that I was allowed to do while growing up.  Silly things that really aren't that big of a deal, but that I couldn't see me letting my kids do.  I do realize that the majority of my kids are still pretty young, and can't do many things unsupervised.  I also think that parents in general have become much more protective of their kids because of predators out in the world.  I wonder if it was much different when I was growing up (as far as dangers go) or if we have much more access to information so the world seems to be a scarier place to let our kids out into.

Today I was a good mom, and set up a 'playdate' for the kids.  Caden and Sydney each called one of their friends to come over and play for a few hours this afternoon.  They had been begging all summer to have an 'official' playdate (they had many 'unofficial' ones), and since school starts next Wednesday...I figured I should actually do it.

They both had alot of fun with their friends, but with all things, it had to come to an end.  While driving Caden's friend home, they were talking about how much fun they had.  Then Caden said, "We really had a good time...we should have a sleepover sometime!  Mom, can we have a sleepover??" {crickets chirping} I told him that some people can't do that, and we would have to talk about it another time.

Up until this point, it really has never been something I have had to even address.  The kids have only spent the night with family with a few exceptions when we have been out of town or having a baby.  We haven't really thought about whether or not it would be something we would do.

I am on the fence about the issue.  I have heard many different stories about horrible things that have happened to children while away from home.  Yet at the same time, I grew up having 'slumber parties' for many of my birthdays. We would stay up until wee hours in the night/morning or sometimes not sleep at all. I always had alot of fun, and created some great memories.

The problem I have is that I am comfortable having kids here, but of course once they have a sleepover then the child wants to reciprocate, and have them over to their house....and I am sure there will be friends that I won't feel comfortable let my kids go there.  I hate to feel like I am picking and choosing, and don't know how to explain to my child why they would be able to spend the night at one friends house, but not the other.  Obviously the easiest thing would be to say no sleepovers except with family/cousins. 

We are just curious as to how you may handle it.

Right now I think my kids are a little too young to allow it, but I know the question is going to be coming up much more often as they get older.  So we want to come up with a decision and stick with it.

So dish it out!  No one is right or wrong.  {So please no fighting if one feels more strongly one way or another. }

Do you let your kids sleepover?

If you do, what age is appropriate to be able to?

If not...Why?

What are the pro's & con's? 

What are some things that you did as a kid that you can't imagine letting your kids do? 
A Few for me...

Letting my kids play outside in the front yard without me (again...some of my kids are too young to even think about it, but I know when I was 7-8 (Caden's age) that I did go out on my own.)

Buying something from the 'Ice Cream Man'.

Walking almost 2 miles to school, and in order to get there, having to j-walk across a MAJOR street (Stapley)...given, I was in Junior high...but still!

Going door to door selling stuff ALONE (some organizations have rules against that now...thank goodness! Although I sold over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that way)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Growing up, I wasn't really involved in many sports, and most definitely didn't exercise.  Music has always been my thing, and that usually took up all of my time.  It wasn't until I got pregnant with Sydney that I decided I needed to get my booty in gear, and start some sort of exercise regimen.  I signed up with my local gym, and never looked back.

Over the past 7 years it hasn't been a perfect road.  After I had Thomas, I struggled getting back to the gym regularly.  Then we moved...I was waiting for the new gym to be built...blah, blah, blah.  18 months later I had a big boy, but I still weighed the same as I did when I gave birth to him. 

Needless to say, it was depressing.  In fact, looking back, I think I was probably suffering from depression.  A vicious cycle....I wouldn't feel like going to the gym (all I wanted to do was sleep), but then I would feel guilty for not going, and be depressed because I felt frumpy....then because I was depressed....I didn't feel like going to the gym!!  I finally tried to do something about it, and signed up for a personal trainer.  She helped me lose a little over 20lbs....and then I got pregnant!

So now I am back where I was years ago....the same weight I was when I had first started with my personal trainer.  I know, I just had a baby.   I just don't want to see myself in the same predicament that I was with Thomas 18months later.  I knew that I needed to be much more proactive to prevent myself from falling into a depression again.

After my 6 week check up, I made a personal commitment to get back to the gym.  I have to say it has been wonderful.  Not only do my kids LOVE the childcare.  I feel great for getting there.  Up until today, I have mostly just done cardio.  The main purpose for me, was to get myself in a daily routine again.  I didn't want to put it off because with anything if you miss a is easier to let another day go by.  Yet another reason why I am loving this 8 week challenge!  It has pushed me to get into the gym to exercise!  Such a great kickstart.

Today I had my first session with a new personal trainer.  I am hopeful.   My original trainer had changed to nights, and so I needed to get a new one since I prefer the morning.  It worked out great because I think she had taken me as far as she could, and I was looking for a change.  Josh kicked my butt today.  I can already feel the pain I am going to be in tomorrow. 

I know my body isn't perfect, and that is okay.  I am not looking to be a supermodel, but mainly to be healthy.  I think I am on the right the goal is to stay there!

Do you exercise regularly? 

Do you prefer the gym, in your own house, 'the great outdoors'?

Do you work out in the morning or night?  (I personally have to do it in the morning or more than likely it will never happen!)

What do you do that helps you to lose/maintain your weight?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cousin Dylan

Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to help out my sister by taking care of my nephew Dylan.  I have to say that it has been one of the best things that I have done.  The memories that my kids have created together can never be replaced.  I hope in years to come they will be able to look back at this time with fondness.

He is a great little boy.  I know that if I wouldn't have been able to stay home, the relationship that I have with him would not be the same.  I love him as if he was my own.  (Not that I don't love my other nieces and nephews too...because I do.)
The other advantage that I have had is watching the relationship grow between Dylan and Sydney.  They are so cute together.  My heart smiled the other day when Dylan referred to her as his 'best cousin'.  I would think if they weren't related that they would be best friends.
I am so thankful that I live so close to both of my sisters so that my kids can get to know their cousins as well as mine do.
It makes me sad to think that next year Dylan will be in kindergarten, and I won't get to see him as often.  Atleast this year he gets to protect Thomas in preschool.  Although Syd and Dylan are tight...over the last 6 months Thomas and Dylan have started to enjoy each other.  I think it will be great to have them together in preschool.  The  kids are all looking forward to seeing each other in the halls.
Thanks, Cathy, for giving me the opportunity to love and take care of your beautiful little man.

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