Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sydney's Style 2010

When I found out I was pregnant with Sydney, I was so excited.  Girls bring so much fun.  It is literally like having your own little doll to play with.  You get to dress them, and do their hair however you want for the first part of their life.

Then they get bigger.  More independent. My little Sydney did just that.  I was looking at some old files of pictures.  I noticed in the year 2010 she showed alot of her 'independence' in the way she dressed.  I figure there has to be give and take while parenting...apparently that year I decided that it wasn't worth the fight to get her to wear what I wanted.  So instead of getting mad and making her change her outfit....I just took a picture.

Now I have a small collection of her 'awesome' outfits. Makes me wish I took more pictures because I am sure she had much more than just these beautiful ensembles! She has grown out of this phase for now, and does a pretty good job at matching....we will see if it re-emerges in the future!

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tammy said...

SO funny! I'm glad you got pictures.

Lesley Wright said...

Hilarious!!! She is so cute, though. And in some of the pictures she looks so innocent. She'll just laugh one day looking back. That is why it is so important for us to take pictures, which I need to work on.

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