Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I Slice a Watermelon

When I was young, my mom always cut up the watermelon in triangles with the rind attached. Yes it was easy, but also created a big mess for little hands to eat. 

I can't take full credit for this because I was shown how....I really am never one to come up with original ideas...I am a great copier!  Years ago at some event at my house, I was about to cut up a watermelon when my friend, Robbie, offered to do it for me.  I watched in amazement at how he did it.  It was so quick and easy.  Now it is the only way that I cut my watermelon. 
I always get asked how it is done so the other day I took pictures! 
FYI - if you have a flexible cutting board....that is the one to use.   It is much easier to get it into a bowl without a mess if you can bend your cutting board.  I got a set of two from IKEA for super cheap!
Once your watermelon is ready...cut it in half.
Take one of the halves and face it down on the cutting board.
Start near the top at an angle and slice down the watermelon.
Go around the entire melon just cutting off the rind.
Once you have all the sides done...slice off the top
 All that is left now is the yummy melon.  Make sure there is no white (rind).
This is where the fun begins.
Start at the top and slice horizontily all the way down to the bottom.
 I just eyeball it according to how big I want my cubes to be.  I moved the melon a bit so you could see the 'rows' won't want to do this.  Keep it all together.
 Once it has been cut horizontally.  Start at the top and cut straight down...making several rows.
 Then turn your cutting board, and cut straight down again...which makes your cubes!
 Now you are done!  Pick up your cutting board, and pour the yummy goodness into a bowl (This is the part that is easier if you have a bendable cutting board)
 It looks fabulous, and is done in half the time!
   Plus it is much easier to eat with no mess! 
 Now go and buy your Watermelon!
You know you want to try this out! 
Once you do, you will never cut it any other way again!

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4 people know I LOVE comments!:

Lesley Wright said...

That is really cool. I always have a hard time cutting watermelon and it takes forever

Tonya said...

that looks super easy! And yes I want to go buy a watermelon just to try that :) But it is one of my favorite fruits!!!

Maranda Whittle said...

I'm so going to try that! Pretty neat!

tammy said...

I cut it into cubes, but do it totally different - probably the way I saw my mom do it.

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