Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Saturdays...

For the next few months our Saturdays will consist of this.... Hopefully it will cool off soon!! I can't believe I am actually a "Soccor Mom!"

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


The other day I reached into the oven to pull out our dinner. The potholder I was using to protect my hand had been sitting on top of a pot. I think it had gotten a little wet from some steam. Within seconds of me touching the pan, I dropped it back down.

I had burned my finger.
It hurt like crazy, yet at the same time I couldn't help but think at how insignificant my pain was compared to The Nielson's. I know that my blog, as of late, has almost always consisted of Stephanie and Christian...but really I can't seem to get them out of my thoughts.

I have known Christian (or should I Chris...that is what we called him then) since I was in elementary school. He was one of the cute guys at school that every girl (including me) liked. When we 'graduated' from Elementary school we went off to different Junior highs, but met up again in High School. We were never super good friends. We didn't hang out on the weekends, but he was a nice guy. I always considered him a friend.

Last October we had our 10 Year Reunion, and I was able to be a little invovled in the planning process. Christian was our Senior Class President so we were able to catch up a little then. I had come across Stephanies blog a little prior to that, and had fun reading about their family. I was impressed at the things they did as parents to instill traditions in their children. I, myself, want to give my children that same type of security, and strength that comes from creating traditions the kids can look forward to each year. As I read more, I admired Stephanie for her view of life. She has a great way of looking at the positive sides of life. I think I was even jeolous of how joyful she could be when it came to being a mom (because let's face is not always fun!). I met her in person at our reunion, and she was just as sweet in person.
Even though it has been a month since the crash, I think about them every single day. I pray for their children, and families. Last week we went to the "Hope Concert." I was glad that we went, and was amazed at the outpouring of love for these two people. It made me wonder what people would say and do if something like this happened to me and Shawn. Have we lived our lives in such a way that we create such a response? I wonder whose lives I have touched...has it been for good? I know I could do better, but sometimes it is easier to not try so hard.

So for now, I will commit to holding my head a little higher, looking for the positive, hugging my children longer, loving my husband better, and praying for those who need my help. I want to be better, to try harder, to really appreciate all that my Heavenly Father has given me. This whole event has opened my eyes to things that I have taken for granted.

Because life is wonderful. My trials are easy and insignificant compared to others. I am blessed beyond words.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hope Concert

I am amazed at the outpouring of the community for this family. I have known Christian since elementary school...yet some of these people don't even know them. If you live here in AZ and are able to attend this event, you will not be dissapointed.

Also, if you would like to read more updates from Christian's side of the family you can read them at Lizzy Writes & alicek[i]nd. Alice recently wrote about her first conversations with Christian after he was extubated (had the tubes removed).

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Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love this Boy...

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