Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Vomit

You know when you are sick to your stomach. That feeling and urge to vomit is almost constant. You go to the porcelain throne time and time again...and nothing. Sometimes it is so frustrating because you know if you just threw up, you will begin to feel better.

That is how the past multiple months have been for me and blogging. So many times throughout my day to day activities I would be thinking up a post in my head. Mentally I would document exactly what I wanted to write. Then I would come to the computer, and my mind would go blank. After months of that...I have so many different things that I needed to write about that it has been overwhelming.

So I have finally done it....I 'vomited' all over my blog. This blog is essentially for my own record, but if you would like to read about some of what has been going on in my head over the past six are the links.
The kids in their Easter Best
My Brother got married!
Little Red Riding Hood...the musical
The BEST music program EVER!
Sometimes I want to live in Utah
The joys of hosting BUNKO
My Solo Day in LONDON
Some FuNnY Art!
Our LAST day in LONDON
Missing Motherhood
Shawn's Disneyland Birthday
A Primary Hoe Down
"Traveling Tots"
Grapes with 'company' aka spider!!!!
My NEW haircut (technically it is now a month old :o)
Whew!!! I feel alot better now!

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