Thursday, May 7, 2009

LPM Recital

Years ago my cousin had started teaching this program called Let's Play Music. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. A three year program that is started when your child is around 4 or 5. The great thing about it is the kids internalize so much about music theory, rhythms, and 'playing' music without really realizing it. By the end of the third year the children can transpose and even write their own compositions. Talk about AMAZING!

This year Caden was finally old enough to start the program! I was so excited for him. Unfortunately my cousin did not have any openings at a time that would work for us so we had to find a different teacher. I was lucky enough to find, Stephanie. I have known Stephanie since I was in 1st grade. We had been stand partners in Orchestra off and on through out Junior High and High School. She is such a dear friend, and I was delighted to have Caden take from her.

He worked hard all year long. We went to Steph's house each week, and he 'played' while he was there. He really soaked everything in, and looked forward to it every week. There was a short stint that we tried to change teacher when we moved, but Caden would not have it. He loved Ms. Stephanie so we drove the extra distance.

At the end of the year they had a recital, and Caden was so proud. I can't wait for this coming year.

Green Turtles here we come!

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Jenny said...

Oh how I love to see this! I'm so sad I didn't get to teach your kiddos, but I know Stephanie is awesome! You are going to love this year, and go crazy when he starts playing chords and singing! Yeah! :)

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