Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things we missed

Going on our trip to Spain was one of the best things ever, but going there also meant some sacrifices. Since we were kinda along for the ride (Shawn's mission president planned the whole reunion) we had no choice on the dates that we were to travel there. Our travel dates just happened to overlap with Sydney's Dance recital, and Caden's last days of school.

I thought about them alot the during the day of their special events. I imagined their faces, and the excitement they had to be feeling. I could see little Sydney in her cute little tights. Her finger in her mouth the way it always is when she gets nervous. I heard her cute little voice singing the songs that she has been practicing for months in my head.

I was sad a little that day, knowing I was not there to cheer her on. To see it in action. To do her hair, and help her get ready for the recital. I had meant to stay for her dress rehearsal the week prior, but made another commitment without thinking. I was devastated when I realized what I had done, but could not change it then. Atleast I have wonderful family that were able to fill in for me. She did a wonderful job. I love my little dancer.

On Caden's last day of school my thoughts turned to the bag that I had prepared for him before I left. Swimsuit - check, sunscreen - check, water shoes - check, towel - check....everything he would need for a SUPER FUN WATER DAY. He had been telling me about it for months. Asking week after week when it was. I have tried to go to all of his class activities through out the year. I think I helped at each one except the Christmas one because we were moving that day, and now the end of the year 'Splash'.

I was glad that my sister, Nancy, had agreed to go in my place. She took the responsibility of following him around from activity to activity. I was happy yet sad at the same time as Caden relayed the fun he had that day over the phone.

I know these aren't super big events. Heck, the kids will probably not even remember that we weren't there. It just makes me sad because each day that passes I realize that I only have these children in my care for such a short period of time. I want to soak in every moment. To etch in my mind how precious they really are. To support them in every way that I can.

I can't say I regret going to Spain...I only wish I could have been in two places at once.

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KellyAnn said...

I know how you feel. It seems like every little thing is so important in our children's lives and as mom, I want to be there for it all.
We were in China when Briaunna graduated from pre-school. I felt so bad but knew that family would take care of her.

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