Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Stop Philadelphia

Ten Years ago in March on 1999 the Spain Madrid Temple was dedicated. Shawn happened to be serving a mission for our church at that time. He was able to watch as the temple was being built. He helped pass out flyer's and walk people through the temple when they had the Open House (before a temple is dedicated anyone can enter and see the different rooms, after the dedication only those with recommends can go inside).

Everything about Spain holds a special place in his heart. 10 years ago his Mission President had announced that he was planning on coming back to Spain for a "Madrid Mission Reunion". All missionaries who were able to make it were invited. Shawn of course has been planning for it for years, and it all came together over the last few weeks.

Since were were flying standby we chose to leave out on the last flight on Tuesday (May 12) to Philadelphia and overnight there. It allowed us to get a better nights sleep, and see a little bit of Philly before our international flight left out the following day.

We got some traditional "Philly food" minus the beer.
It was mighty tasty.
Then we checked out Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

While we were at Liberty Bell we witnessed something I feel was extraordinary. Before you actually get to see the Bell they have a few different displays telling about the history of the Bell and the importance that it has for our country. The last display has a replica of the quote that is engraved on the Bell.
"Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof."
At this display it asks us to refrain from touching the bell, but if we would like we could touch the replica.

Imagine our surprise as we round the corner only to see a man touching the bell from top to bottom. It only takes a moment to realize that this man is blind, and has been escorted behind the 'rope' to be able to 'see' Liberty Bell for himself. I was touched that they would allow him to do that. We joked a bit for Shawn to pretend that he was blind.
As I stood there watching this man take it all in. Feeling each crevice. His hand going up and down the crack in the bell. Part of me was envious....yet I realized how blessed I am to be able to SEE it for myself. I am sure this man would do anything to have seen it with his own eyes. It is funny what perspective can do for a person.

It was great to be able to take in some history. I love the East Coast for this very reason. There is so much to learn. We are so blessed to live in our country. Many people have sacrificed for our behalf. It will be nice to take our kids here when they are old enough learn and appreciate the history of our forefathers.

Can anyone tell me what this is a picture of? :)

It was a great little pit stop before we jumped on a plane to Shawn's favorite place in the world
Madrid, Spain

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3 people know I LOVE comments!:

Patrice said...

I went there recently, so I won't guess. It was truly a spiritual experience for me as you see the hand of God in all that happened in Philly!

Oh, and I LOVED my genuine Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Jealous!! Looks like a great trip...with no kids?!? Awsum!

Suzette's Life said...

I am going to Philly in about 4 weeks. I can't wait. I am getting excited just looking at your pics. I would LOVE to go to Spain too someday! Those are beautiful pictures!

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