Friday, May 27, 2011

He's Cute!

The past 2 weeks have been a blur.  I guess that is what happens when you adjust to having lots of interrupted sleep.  Overall, we are doing well.  Grayson has been a good baby so far, and that I am thankful for.  I am hoping he continues to be that way. 

I always wondered how it would be to add another little munchkin to the family.  Some say that the 3rd child threw them for a loop. While I had also heard that the 4th is the one who 'rocks your world.'  I think for me...the latter is the case.  I have found myself losing my patience much quicker, and being really snippy with my kids.   Alot of it has to do with how infatuated these kids are with the new little 'doll' we have in our house. 

Since coming home from the hospital I think I have heard "HE'S CUTE!"  a bazillion times each day.  They want to hug him, kiss him, touch him, ALL THE TIME!!  They are still working on learning about personal space.  Right now they think it is okay to be within an inch of someones face.  All this usually is happening while I am trying to nurse the 'little cutie', or when he is trying to sleep.  Which I think compounds why my patience runs thin (I bet my lack of sleep doesn't help much either). 

Although it seems I am complaining...I am so thankful that I have 3 children that love the 4th so much.  I am sure in a few weeks the novelty of the newness will wear off, and life will start to gain some normalcy.  Until then I will soak in the 'cuteness' of this handsome little boy.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

And Then There Was Four...

The days leading up to my scheduled induction were spent in a flurry of activity.   They were spent doing all the last minute things to try to prepare, and be ready to welcome a new little addition to our family.  Since this was all close to Mother's day, I spent alot of time thinking about my role as a mother. 

As as child, I was the girl who loved kids. Any chance I got, I was doting over a baby or entertaining a child. I loved babysitting, and just making kids smile.  I always knew that one day I would want to have children.  I am just thankful that I have been blessed with this opportunity.

I FINALLY got these pictures framed, and hung them up in my dining room. It is now the first thing I see when I come down the stairs each morning.  Although they are 2 years old, and now need an additional picture...they are some of my favorite images of my kids.  Seeing them everyday the past 2 weeks leading up to the birth of my 4th child has really helped me appreciate the blessing I have of being their mother. 

I have been trusted by my Heavenly Father to love, care for, and guide these children to hopefully someday return to their Father in heaven.  Such a lofty task, but thankful for the burden.  I may not be perfect in all I do, but I am trying.  I am trying to be the mother that He would want me to be.  I just hope that I can help my kids reach their full potential, and have some fun along the way.

Thursday night came, and the 3 little tikes went across the street to Auntie Nancy's (have I mentioned how much I LOVE living next to my sister!).  Our induction was scheduled for 3am so we didn't want to have to wake anyone when we left.  Everything went just as planned and was uneventful.  It was slow going, but totally normal for someone who wasn't really in labor when I arrived.  I got my epidural early on, so the day was spent taking naps, hanging out talking, and just waiting for the little guy to arrive.  When he was finally ready, the doctor was called.  The doctor came about 15 minutes later and was there for all of 5 minutes when our little babe made his debut into the world surrounded by his Daddy, Auntie Nancy, Auntie Cathy, and his Grandma Duke.  I swear if all of my deliveries were this easy I would have a million kids. 

Grayson Charles
May 13th, 2011
7lbs 14oz
19 3/4 inches
Birth is such an amazing thing.  I still can't get over the emotion that swirls as you watch your child come into the world.  In a blink of an eye, I went from a mother of 3 to a mother of 4.  I lay there with tears in my eyes as the most beautiful thing was put into my arms.  I spent the next few days at the hospital taking in this pure gift from heaven.  I love the little moments that I get to have one on one with my babies while I am there.  For just those 2 days he is all that matters.  I get a little pampering from the nurses, but I also get to bond with my baby.  On Sunday, my honey came and picked me up...and now I get to share him with the rest of the family.
He may have been born on Friday the 13th...and some may say that is UN-LUCKY....but to me I was/am the LUCKIEST person on earth!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My own mother had 8 children.  EIGHT!  Back then there was no ultrasounds to find out the gender, she had them all 'natural', and they came when they came.  I know there are still ones out there that choose to go that same route.  I even have friends that have home births.  I think that is awesome for them...just not for me.

I like my doctor.  I like hearing my babies heartbeat each visit.  I am thankful this time around to know that we are bringing a boy into our family.  I am thankful that I will be able to have this baby in a hospital surrounded with people that know how to care for my baby, and make sure things go smoothly.  I also like the fact that I have a doctor that is willing to work with me and my 'planning.'

We planned for this baby, but I never realized how incredibly hard this would be to have a baby in MAY!  May is chock full of field trips, piano recitals, dance recitals, EVMCO concert, graduations, and end of the year festivities. 

As the time has drawn closer, I continued to look at my calendar and hypervenhilate.  My due date was/is Friday, May 20th.  On Thursday, May 19th -  Sydney & Shawn have a night rehearsal with EVMCO.  On Friday, May 20th - Another night rehearsal with EVMCO.  Saturday, May 21st - Sydney has a dance recital in the morning, and then that afternoon Shawn and Sydney are headed to The MAC for their performance of The Amazing Grace with Collin Raye.  

Seriously the worst time to have a baby for me. So my lovely doctor has made my world brighter.  On Friday, May 13th...I get to have this baby!  It is so nice to know that I won't have to stress over the following weekend.  I still kinda laugh that I am able to 'plan' it, but I am thankful all at the same time. 

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