Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 52 Blessing Project - Week 21

The 52 Blessings Project
Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal.

Week Twenty One
Since I have had Thomas....getting to the grocery store with 3 kids in tow has not been on my priority list. I seem to wait until we are down to the bare minimums before I brave the shopping experience. I finally got out the last couple of days (without the kids - thanks hun!), and got the ingredients I needed for the next couple of weeks. Last night I was sitting at the dinner table. I had already finished my meal (as usual), but the kids were still eating. As I watched them eating their Ham & Cheddar in a Loaf, salad, and grapes...I began to think about how blessed we are to have grocery stores.

Someday I hope to have a garden where I can grow my own fruits and vegetables. Until that happens, I am so thankful to be able to go to a store where everything I need (and sometimes don't) is just an aisle away.
If you would like to visit other peoples 'blessings' just go to Gardenview Cottage for a list of participants!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Every Wednesday, I meet my good friend Melanie at McDonalds. The kids have fun playing together, and we get to chat. She was in my ward until it this is the only time we get to catch up. Well yesterday we decided to go to a local splash pad instead. She and Kim were meeting down there around 10 am, and I was going to get there as soon as I could. ended up being later than I had hoped, and by the time I got there...they were leaving. :( It wasn't that big a deal though. (Maybe next time! :) Anyway, I am glad that I ended up staying anyways because it presented a moment that will forever be burned in my heart.

First, I want you to look at these pictures. Notice the pure look of joy on my little boys face. He was genuinely happy. Now the story as to what was happening while I was taking these is to follow.

I was getting ready to leave. Caden, in regular fashion, continued to play in the water. He was at a particular station that had 3 different 'squirters'. He and this other boy started squirting each other. Then the other boy stepped away from his squirter, and went directly into the path of Caden's. He proceeded to make silly faces as the water hit him. Caden found this so funny. He was laughing so hard that it made me laugh just watching the joy he found in watching this kid getting squirt. I finally was able to get him away, and we headed for the car. He continued to laugh all the way there. When we reached the car this was our conversation.

Caden: Mom, wasn't that boy funny?

Me: Yes he was. Did you have fun?

Caden: Yes Mom, He was so funny! He made my heart laugh!

So many times I think I can have a heavy outlook on the things that are happening in my life. I hope I can find joy in more of the simple things in life, and let my 'heart' laugh more. I have a feeling with this boy in my won't be as hard as I think.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My "Big Girl"

By the time Caden was 20 months old he was throwing (literally) himself out of his crib. I distinctly remember him hurting himself so bad that he couldn't even be lifted under his arms. So by the time I had Sydney, (he was 2 years and a few weeks when she was born) he was already in his "big boy" bed. I think part of it was due to his size (he was super tall), and the other was just his personality...he likes to push his limits. Sydney has been a whole different story. Even though Sydney was 2 1/2 when Thomas was born...she had yet to even attempt climbing out of the crib! I could not bring myself to 'kick her out' of the crib.

Thanks to Maranda, I was given a really nice cradle that I was able to put Thomas in. I usually have the baby in our room for the first few months before I actually move them to the crib. I figure if I am getting up a few times during the is nice to have them close by. So it has been easy to keep Sydney in her crib. I thought as soon as I put her in a 'big girl' bed I would have to say good bye to naps or at least it would be quite the battle (it was with Caden). So I kept putting it off...yet I knew that I would need to do it soon.

Then two weeks ago, I put Sydney down for her regular afternoon nap. She always goes down pretty easily. I went about doing some things around the house. It had been a couple of hours, and I was in my room putting away some laundry. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was getting late, and I should wake Syd up so that she would be able to go to bed at a decent hour. I walked over to her room, opened her door, only to find her sitting on the ottoman of the glider singing a song to one of her toys! She turned, smiled, raised her eyebrows and said, "Mom...I climbed out of my crib!" She was so proud! I was shocked that she hadn't left the room!
So that night, we still put her in the crib for bed. In the morning I was already up, and was nursing Thomas downstairs. I kept hearing the door (we have those handle doorknobs) handle being let go again, and again. I continued feeding Thomas waiting to see her creep around the corner proud of her accomplishment once again....yet she never came! Finally I put Thomas down, and went to her room. Again she was just sitting in the middle of the room entertaining herself! It has been so bizarre for me. The minute Caden's feet hit the floor he was out the door. She just sits and waits!!!!

We eventually have put her in her 'Big girl' bed...we have her on the bottom bunk in Caden's room. Like I said before, I thought naps would be over once she was out of the crib, but for the most part...she will stay in her bed. She has on occasion left the room to go back into the nursery to 'change her clothes' (her clothes are still in that room), but most the time she will wait in the room until I come and get her! It really amazes me at how good she has done with it. She is such a good little girl. Yet she is growing up right before my eyes! Sigh!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Broadway Palm's - Alice in Wonderland

I had mentioned that I would post the details about the next here they are. I think I had said July, but it is actually on June 28th. My sister organizes this, which allows us to have a group rate. It is always so much fun, and I love that we are in the very front (I think it really helps keep my kids attention...they are literally mesmerized). Here is an excerpt of the email that she sends out. If you are interested in reserving some seats, let me know, and I will get you in contact with Nancy.

The play includes a lunch buffet that starts at noon and the show starts
at 1pm. Tickets for the group is $15 per person (unless they are under 2
and you want them on your lap) and it includes the tip, and soft drinks.
As long as we have 20 people come we are a group. If you have any other friends
or family that you would like to invite feel free to do so, you can forward this
email on to them if you wish. Final confirmations and payment will be do a
month prior to the show (I will send out reminders in regards to this) – I feel
that most should know at that time if they are able to attend and if plans have
changed the seats will be available in time for anyone else wanting to attend
the play. If you haven’t attended a play yet at the Broadway Palm they’re
full-scale professional productions with complete sets, lighting and
scenery. The chef’s buffet includes favorites like hamburgers, macaroni
and cheese, pizza, chicken and more. It’s a great way to introduce
children to live theatre!"
These are the seats that Nancy has reserved...the ones that have no name by it are still available.

Alice in Wonderland – Saturday, June 28, 2008

I (Nancy) have booked tables A1-A22, A24-A25, and B4-B6

A1 (Miller) - 4
A2 (Udall) – 4
A3 (Judd) - 4
A4 (Osborne) – 3
A5 (Aker) – 4
A6 (Beach) – 4
A7 (S. Lavender) – 4
A9 (Miller) - 3
A10 (Carstens) – 4
A11 (Carstens) – 4
A12 (Zimmerman) - 4
A13 (Rhodes) – 4
A14 (Olivares) - 3
A21 (Hansen) - 2
A22 (Moore) - 4
B5 (Taylor) – 6 seats a-f

This is a layout of the theatre so you can see where the seats are located.
This really is a fun thing to do with the kids. If you have the time, and is so worth it! Hopefully I can see some of you there!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

52 Blessings Project - Week 20

The 52 Blessings Project
Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal.

Week Twenty
This week I am very thankful for my job. Some of you may not be aware, but I am actually employed as a flight attendant...I just don't really work (I know that sounds silly--and maybe even lazy). I went through training when Shawn and I were only married for about 5 months just so I could have the privileges that I have now.

In August, I will have been with them for 8 whole years! It hasn't been the easiest road. Training was for 5 weeks in Dallas (up until that point...Shawn and I hadn't been apart at all!). While I was in training I missed my best friend's wedding...something I still feel so awful about. Then for the first 6 months I was based in Baltimore. That meant that I would have to fly from PHX to BWI before I could even start my trip. Needless to say it sucked. I had to make alot of sacrifices. Yet in the really has paid off.

Since I have had Caden, I have only had to go 2 that I actually chose to go on. They have no minimums, so all I have to do is trade down or give away my trips. I don't get paid, but it allows me to stay home with my children...and we still get flight benefits! It really has been such a blessing. It is so wonderful to know that I have something to fall back on if something were to happen to Shawn or his job. I continue to get raises and gain seniority...but don't have to work very much. They are a great company, and I hope that I am able to stay there forever. Then when my kids are a bit older I will be able to work a little bit more...if I choose. But for right now it is nice to be able to stay home, and watch my children grow. I feel so blessed to have such a great job.

If you would like to visit other peoples 'blessings' just go to Gardenview Cottage for a list of participants!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Father's & Son's

So yesterday Shawn and Caden headed off for a Father's & Son's Campout with other men in our ward (church congregation). They generally have this every year. Each year I send the camera with Shawn. I tell him to take LOTS of pictures, and make sure to get one of the two of them together. Every year he never seems to get it. At one point he handed the camera to Caden and told him to take a bunch of pictures. There are times I wish that he would get better pictures of the time they are able to spend together, but at the same time I laughed my head off when I saw the results of what he brought home this time. Hopefully you will laugh as much as I did.

From what I understand...they had a good time. They got to tour some Hatchery, go fishing, and play with the other guys in the ward. Unfortunately they couldn't build a fire. So Caden passed out early, and they froze while they slept. Then they woke up, had breakfast, and was home in the afternoon. I am just glad they were able to spend some time together.

On a different note...we went out to Olive Garden for dinner tonight. Our waitress talked about how cute she thought Thomas was. She then mentioned that there might be a chance that she was pregnant. Later I asked why she thought she "might" be pregnant. This was her response... "Well I took 4 pregnancy tests and they were all positive...but sometimes they are wrong right!?" hahahahaha -- gotta love denial!

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Random Happenings

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Tonya to do 7 random facts about me. Since I ended up taking a blogging break I figured I would tweak it a little bit, and post 7 random things we did while I wasn’t posting. So here it goes.

1.The kids took swim lessons from “Miss Courtney”. It was really fun because the other two kids in the class were from my old ward (before it was dissolved). It was nice to be able to see them 3 times a week for a few weeks, and catch up on what has been going on in their lives. Courtney is a great teacher, and the kids absolutely loved it. Sydney couldn’t get enough of the water….I think we will end up swimming quite a bit this summer.

2.Went to Broadway Palms Children’s Play – Mulan. We have loved doing this. My sister always reserves the front part of the theatre. We get an okay lunch, and get to see a good show. It was nice this time because we actually knew most of the songs. We dressed Sydney in a cute little kimono (I think that is what they are called) She matched Maya and looked so cute. I will be posting soon about the upcoming show in July…if you want to reserve seats –I will have the details.

3.Went to Julie’s house for Cinco de Mayo. It was a lot of fun. Julie had made a trip to Food City (the local Mexican grocery store), and we had lots of yummy Mexican food. It is always great to see Sydney and Gemma together. They always crack me up, and are so cute. I snapped a few photos of them while we were there. (BTW - notice the lovely small strand of hair in the middle of Syd's forehead...yeah...she cut her hair. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't really butchered, but every time I see makes me cringe. I hope that it doesn't happen again. I think I will cry if he gets it really bad.)

4.Had a picnic outside in our backyard. It isn’t something we really do very often, but the day was beautiful…so we brought a blanket outside, and enjoyed the weather. The kids pointed out all the planes that flew over us, and we 'listened' for the different animals.

5.My friend Tammy “tagged” people to take a picture of the view from their front and back door. I took the pictures and then never posted them….so here they are.

6.Taking turns trying to make Thomas smile. In the last few weeks Thomas has been smiling more and more. The kids always ask “Who is he smiling at?” I always say them. He is also starting to coo, and gurgle more. It is adorable!

7.Tonight I am enjoying a quiet night all ALONE (except for Thomas)! I know crazy! Shawn & Caden are at a Father’s and Son’s Campout. Since I had Bunko tonight, I arranged to have Sydney spend the night at my sister Nancy’s. So now I am home just chillin with little Thomas. It is a nice little break, but weird all at the same time!

So there is a random sampling of what has been going on. If you would like to join in…feel free…Tag you are it!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pre-school Graduation

Today was Caden's last day of pre-school. I still can't believe that it is over! It really went by so fast. I have loved watching him learn this year. He really has come such a long way. At the beginning of the year he couldn't even begin to write his it is constantly scribbled over every paper he can get his hands on. He is spelling words, knows the days of the week, and the months of the year. I am amazed everyday with the things that come out of his mouth. He has loved going to school, and he really is going to miss his class. They did a craft with summer visors using different foam stickers, and then went around they signed each others visors. It was so cute to watch all the kids try to sign their names. Caden had a fun time trying to get everyones signatures. Everything was pretty low key. Mrs Johnston read them a was a sequel to The Little Engine that Could. After the story she gave out all the certificates. Caden was so happy.

It really made me reflect on how much my little guy has grown. He is getting so big, and learning new things everyday. Since Caden turns 5 on September 13th, he won't be able to start Kindergarten. Instead he will be starting a program call "Young Learners." It is for children who turn 5 after September 1st, but before December 31st. Shawn had really wanted me to try to get him into Kindergarten, but I just don't feel like he is ready for it. I think he is a really bright child, but socially he needs some time to mature. The nice thing about the program is at the end of the year he can be evaluated, and if he is ready they will just put him into 1st grade. It is nice to have this opportunity to be able let him ease his way into school. The Young Learner program is half day instead of the full day. It is the same curriculum as kindergarten, but taught a slower pace. I am excited for him, and hope that we are making the right decision.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

52 Blessings Project - Week 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19!!!

I know it appears that I have abandoned this blog...not a post in weeks!!! I just have been pretty busy. Then when I get a free moment...I just haven't felt like blogging. I have also fallen behind on reading/commenting on all of your fun blogs! I think I am going to have to clear out my Bloglines feeds, and start from scratch. Hopefully I can start to comment more.

I did actually take the time to change my header. Some people have said that my blog takes forever to load, and sometimes makes their computer freeze up. Does that happen to YOU? Does it load faster now? I didn't use any papers, and just uploaded the hopefully those of you who have had problems in the past...won't anymore.

Anyway! I am WAY behind on my 52 blessings, so I thought I would catch up. I have been noting what my blessings are, so forgive the marathon post.

The 52 Blessings Project
Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal.

Week Fifteen

I don't know what on earth I would do without disposable diapers! Having a newborn, as many of you know, you tend to go through tons of diapers each day. I can't imagine having to wash out cloth diapers, and clean them. It probably isn't the best for the environment, but I am so thankful that all I have to do is throw it away! Then I have a fresh new one to put on my little one. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Week Sixteen
It is amazing how much technology has changed in the last 5 years. Right before Caden was born we purchased our first digital camera. We had that camera for about 4 years, and then in the past year we got another one. I love having a little camera that I can tote around with me, and get candid shots of whatever we are enjoying. I love that I get to see the shot instantly. I love being able to organize them on my computer. Digital photo's rock!

Week Seventeen
I don't have the state of the art front loading washer and dryer that I would LOVE to have, but at least I HAVE one! Laundry is definitely not my favorite things to do, but I am so thankful to have machines that do the hard work for me. It is already such a time consuming task. I can not even fathom how much time it would take me if I had to do it all by hand! It is such a blessing to be able to have such a wonderful invention!

Week Eighteen
A week ago, we were able to bless our sweet little Thomas. I never cease to be brought to tears as I watch my husband take our baby in his arms. Then he along with close family and friends surround this new spirit and give him a name and a blessing. I am so thankful for the priesthood. Knowing that my husband can lay his hands on me and our children, and give us blessings from our Father in heaven. It really is a humbling experience. Having the power of the priesthood in my life is such a wonderful blessing.

Week Nineteen
This week I am thankful for the blessing of being a mother of 3 absolutely beautiful children. (Not the best photo of them, but one of the only ones of them all together! I will have to get another one later)There are days that are harder than others, but I wouldn't give up this blessing for anything in the world! My children teach me so much, and I love them with all my mind, heart, and soul. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has trusted me to take care of these precious little kids.

If you would like to visit other peoples 'blessings' just go to Gardenview Cottage for a list of participants!

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