Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Happenings

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Tonya to do 7 random facts about me. Since I ended up taking a blogging break I figured I would tweak it a little bit, and post 7 random things we did while I wasn’t posting. So here it goes.

1.The kids took swim lessons from “Miss Courtney”. It was really fun because the other two kids in the class were from my old ward (before it was dissolved). It was nice to be able to see them 3 times a week for a few weeks, and catch up on what has been going on in their lives. Courtney is a great teacher, and the kids absolutely loved it. Sydney couldn’t get enough of the water….I think we will end up swimming quite a bit this summer.

2.Went to Broadway Palms Children’s Play – Mulan. We have loved doing this. My sister always reserves the front part of the theatre. We get an okay lunch, and get to see a good show. It was nice this time because we actually knew most of the songs. We dressed Sydney in a cute little kimono (I think that is what they are called) She matched Maya and looked so cute. I will be posting soon about the upcoming show in July…if you want to reserve seats –I will have the details.

3.Went to Julie’s house for Cinco de Mayo. It was a lot of fun. Julie had made a trip to Food City (the local Mexican grocery store), and we had lots of yummy Mexican food. It is always great to see Sydney and Gemma together. They always crack me up, and are so cute. I snapped a few photos of them while we were there. (BTW - notice the lovely small strand of hair in the middle of Syd's forehead...yeah...she cut her hair. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't really butchered, but every time I see makes me cringe. I hope that it doesn't happen again. I think I will cry if he gets it really bad.)

4.Had a picnic outside in our backyard. It isn’t something we really do very often, but the day was beautiful…so we brought a blanket outside, and enjoyed the weather. The kids pointed out all the planes that flew over us, and we 'listened' for the different animals.

5.My friend Tammy “tagged” people to take a picture of the view from their front and back door. I took the pictures and then never posted them….so here they are.

6.Taking turns trying to make Thomas smile. In the last few weeks Thomas has been smiling more and more. The kids always ask “Who is he smiling at?” I always say them. He is also starting to coo, and gurgle more. It is adorable!

7.Tonight I am enjoying a quiet night all ALONE (except for Thomas)! I know crazy! Shawn & Caden are at a Father’s and Son’s Campout. Since I had Bunko tonight, I arranged to have Sydney spend the night at my sister Nancy’s. So now I am home just chillin with little Thomas. It is a nice little break, but weird all at the same time!

So there is a random sampling of what has been going on. If you would like to join in…feel free…Tag you are it!

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5 people know I LOVE comments!:

Tonya said...

Yay I like how you tweaked it! Your baby is getting big!

Jen said...

Soo glad you came last night. And first thing (and I mean 7:30 am!) Gavin was up "looking for that baby!" He has decided he is very cute, which is alot for Gavin because a couple of weeks ago he informed me that babies were "disgusting" LOL, so he liked having Thomas around!

tammy said...

I can't believe you guys stayed so late at bunko! And then you were blogging after. It was a fun night. I'm dragging today and I left two hours before you guys. I'm old.

Heather said...

I just want to pinch his cute cheeks! I am glad you had a fun night out with the girls and came home to a quiet peaceful evening. You deserve it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

super fun night at bunko! fun randoms happening at your house too! isn't a quiet evening alone an odd feeling.

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