Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LIttle Red Riding Hood

Every year Caden's school puts on the same play. "Little Red Riding Hood". All the Kindergarten classes, and the YLK (Young Learner Kindergarten) classes work together through out the year to put this production. It really was one of the cutest things to watch.Shawn was out of town so he was not able to go. I tried to tape the thing, but it was pretty hard to do because Sydney and Thomas wanted to be all over me. My parents came, and they were able able to help a little bit. I definitely need to invest in a tripod. There were a few kindergartners that had main roles, but everyone in Caden's class was a different animal that got to perform a different song. Caden was a penguin. He was so excited for the evening, and I couldn't have been more proud of my boy.

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