Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traveling Tots

Over the summer, our ward organized a few different little field trips for our "Traveling Tots".
Our first travels brought us to Krispy Kreme's. We lost Krispy Kremes here in AZ for awhile...then a few years ago someone got smart, and opened them up again. We filed in there (with hands behind your back, please), and got to see the secret behind the yummy goodness.

After the tour we all got our own free donut.
Do you think Thomas enjoyed his?
The following week we headed over to our local Fire department. I love these tours. We did one with Caden for his 2nd birthday. Being a firefighter is truly heroic...and at the same time glamorous. I mean who wouldn't want this for their 'training room'?This department even had a slide to go down! (but apparently it isn't too fun...they hit the wall fact they had installed some padding on the wall just to help with the impact on the way down!) Because the slide sometimes poses a hazard, others opt for the good ole fasion pole. I really wanted to try going down, but didn't want to be treated for a broken leg. :) I sent the kids down (the stairs, of course!) with the group, and took some pics.
Silly Sydney!
After the inside tour we made our way to the trucks. It is amazing the things that they keep stocked up in these things. Caden really got into this part. They even let the kids climb inside and try on the helmets. I am so glad that someone was smart enough to organize these events. It got us out of the house, and we had alot of fun too!

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Casey said...

Thomas looks so cute in that hat!!! & it makes me want a krispy kreme! The pictures looking down the firemans pole are awesome!

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