Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day in London

My last full day in London meant I was going to do lots of things. The night prior, I had planned to get up early enough to make it down to Buckingham palace to see the changing of the guards. I had heard that it is an amazing sight to see, and didn't want to miss it. Again my body had other plans, and I enjoyed a few more hours of sleep instead.

Since I had missed the changing of the guards, I headed over to Trafalgar Square. I love this shot because it shows so much of what London is known for...Big Ben, Red Double Decker Buses, and throngs of people. I took this right before I entered the National Gallery.

I spent quite a few hours roaming throughout the National I am saving my thoughts on that for another post.

I soon ventured out to see the Westminster Abbey. What a beautiful cathedral. I walked around the building studying the architecture while talking to my mother and kids that were at home. I missed my little ones. The little things they did each day, but was thankful to know they were only a phone call away.
The Abbey which is also sometimes referred to "The Royal Shrine". It is the home to many coronations, and also is the resting places for many kings and queens.
Then I walked in silence around the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I crossed the river, and got a few shots of the parliament from a different angle. Seriously such a beautiful building.
Soon it was time to meet up with Shawn again. We decided to go to another show. We got some tickets to go to SHOUT. It was not the best show, but was still entertaining. I wish we would have gone to Hairspray...maybe next time.
In the end it really didn't matter because I was with Shawn. I loved being able to spend so much time with him without the interruption of our little ones. I will treasure this forever.

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