Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love grapes. In fact I love most fruits. One night Caden and I were watching Wipeout (I love that show...almost just because I love to hear Caden giggle). I thought it would be nice to get some grapes out to snack on while we watched. I took out the crate of grapes, broke off a bunch, rinsed them off, and put them on a paper towel on the table.

Caden and I sat and ate them. We discussed how YUMMY these grapes were tasting. They were crisp, and super juicy...just perfect! We ate one whole side, and then flipped it over. I grabbed a couple more grapes, and that is when it happened.

What was that??? I just saw something move! I took a closer look and lo and behold....there was a LIVE spider!!!!!! Lets just say I freaked out a bit, but then ran and grabbed my camera. I snapped some pictures, and then smashed the beegeezees out of it!
This is a close up of the previous picture. Kinda cute in a creepy way...but I sure don't want another one in my grapes anytime soon.After scouring the internet I ended up finding this picture of a jumping spider. I am pretty sure this is the kind that was living in my grapes....I am just thankful it didn't jump!

Grapes anyone???

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Jenny said...


Casey said...

Since I read this I have been checking mt grapes like crazy!!! That would be so scary! & he looks creepy,

Schatz said...

You're right! he is sorta cute. So let me ask you...did you continue to eat the rest of the grapes, or were you grossed out too much?

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