Friday, July 3, 2009

Girly Time

Dear Sydney,

Today I turned 30! That is the age that seems to make people feel REALLY OLD! You wanna know a secret? You aren't really old when you turn fact it is almost the opposite. I am so thankful to be the age I am because that means that I have you. If I was still in my early twenty's I would be enjoying life with out you in it.

Instead I was able to enjoy my birthday by taking you along with me. We went and got haircuts and pedicures. It was so much fun.

I loved being able to sit and talk with you about "all the pretty colors."
I loved seeing your big smile when when we chopped our hair.
I loved watching you suck on your 'yummy' sucker waiting patiently to have my hair done.
I loved watching you grin ear to ear, and stare at your fingers as they were drying in the pretty pink shade.

Life at 30 is great. In fact it is fabulous. I have a wonderful husband, 2 handsome sons, and a very beautiful the way...that is you. I am so thankful that I continue to grow up. That I get to spend my days helping you and your brothers. So many things would not be possible if time stood still. Aging is a wonderful thing. I am just thankful that I can share it with you!

I love you so much my lil' Syd.


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H said...

30 is great. So is 31, 31, 33... enjoy them all. We're starting a new trend where we don't stress over our age we embrace it. Way to go!!!

Lucinda said...

I love your haircut! It reminds me of when we worked at D.B. way back when! Sounds like you had an awesome b-day! Your kids are getting so big!!!

KellyAnn said...

I love your outlook on aging. I hadn't really thought of it like that but you are so right.

Love your hair cut!

Shannon said...

What a fun way to spend your birthday. Cute cuts.

Schatz said...

so sweet....made me wanna cry and made me wanna girl!

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