Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Growing up, I wasn't really involved in many sports, and most definitely didn't exercise.  Music has always been my thing, and that usually took up all of my time.  It wasn't until I got pregnant with Sydney that I decided I needed to get my booty in gear, and start some sort of exercise regimen.  I signed up with my local gym, and never looked back.

Over the past 7 years it hasn't been a perfect road.  After I had Thomas, I struggled getting back to the gym regularly.  Then we moved...I was waiting for the new gym to be built...blah, blah, blah.  18 months later I had a big boy, but I still weighed the same as I did when I gave birth to him. 

Needless to say, it was depressing.  In fact, looking back, I think I was probably suffering from depression.  A vicious cycle....I wouldn't feel like going to the gym (all I wanted to do was sleep), but then I would feel guilty for not going, and be depressed because I felt frumpy....then because I was depressed....I didn't feel like going to the gym!!  I finally tried to do something about it, and signed up for a personal trainer.  She helped me lose a little over 20lbs....and then I got pregnant!

So now I am back where I was years ago....the same weight I was when I had first started with my personal trainer.  I know, I just had a baby.   I just don't want to see myself in the same predicament that I was with Thomas 18months later.  I knew that I needed to be much more proactive to prevent myself from falling into a depression again.

After my 6 week check up, I made a personal commitment to get back to the gym.  I have to say it has been wonderful.  Not only do my kids LOVE the childcare.  I feel great for getting there.  Up until today, I have mostly just done cardio.  The main purpose for me, was to get myself in a daily routine again.  I didn't want to put it off because with anything if you miss a is easier to let another day go by.  Yet another reason why I am loving this 8 week challenge!  It has pushed me to get into the gym to exercise!  Such a great kickstart.

Today I had my first session with a new personal trainer.  I am hopeful.   My original trainer had changed to nights, and so I needed to get a new one since I prefer the morning.  It worked out great because I think she had taken me as far as she could, and I was looking for a change.  Josh kicked my butt today.  I can already feel the pain I am going to be in tomorrow. 

I know my body isn't perfect, and that is okay.  I am not looking to be a supermodel, but mainly to be healthy.  I think I am on the right the goal is to stay there!

Do you exercise regularly? 

Do you prefer the gym, in your own house, 'the great outdoors'?

Do you work out in the morning or night?  (I personally have to do it in the morning or more than likely it will never happen!)

What do you do that helps you to lose/maintain your weight?

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Rhiannon said...

Good for you Crystal. It's hard to stay motivated to go to the gym. Especially when they are so young.
I work out but from home. I tried the gym thing but I didn't like that I was trying to go when it was really early in the morning. It's hard most mornings but the benefit sure outweighs the negative. Keep up the good work.

tammy said...

It's easy to get out of the habit! I used to teach aerobics and swore I would never be fat. Then along came pregnancy and changed everything, not to mention your metabolism changing as you get older. I do much better at working out now, but would probably do even better if I had a gym friend to go with.

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