Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gingerbread Mishap

One of the traditions that we have with Shawn's family is getting together and building Gingerbread houses. We started it last year, and Caden never stopped talking about it. Well, the day arrived on Sunday for us to enjoy in the festivities once more. We had gathered loads of candy, the gingerbread was cut and ready to piece together, and the cement (frosting) was loaded.

For those of you who don't live in Arizona, we have been having some crazy weather. It has actually been raining off and on for the past week. It has made it very cold (atleast for AZ), and provided lots of moisture in the air. Well, that moisture proved to be our detriment.

As we started piecing the houses together we noticed that the roof's were having a hard time staying in place. We discovered that even though the gingerbread had sat out all day on Saturday it was still soft! All of the roofs started to bow in the center from the weight of the candy. In the end each house slowly began to fall apart, and only one house managed to make it through. The kids enjoyed pilfering the candy stash, and we had fun as a family.

We all laughed at the mishap we had this year. Last year the roofs were not wide enough so we had a huge gap at the top. It is something that we can look forward to every year, and as you can see creates a different memory each time. Gingerbread House making TAKE TWO will take place this Saturday. Hopefully those will turn out!

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julie said...

That looked like lots of fun even if the roofs did collapse. It will make for a funny memory for many years to come.

An Ordinary Mom said...

At least you still made some great memories. We are lazy in our house and use the gingerbread kit from Costco :) !!

sheri said...

Boy! What patience! Gingerbread houses sounds like quite a project. We've never got further than gingerbread men. Don't you love the smell of that stuff cookin'??!!! Yum!

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