Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty good weekend. On Friday, Shawn and I were able to go on a date. We went at grabbed a bite to eat at Pei Wei's and then headed out to watch "I am Legend." It is that new movie out with Will Smith. It was a pretty interesting film. It kinda has the same feel of Cast Away...lots of silence, not alot of music, and of course...only one main character. Will did a great job of carrying the role. I didn't like the ending as much, but the movie was an interesting concept. Apparently it is a remake of some 70's flick. I could never imagine living in a world where I was the only survivor. You will have to go see it and tell me what you thought.

On Saturday we woke up early and set up to tackle some projects. First I cut the boys hair. I really wish I knew how to do it a little better, but Shawn never seems to complain. In in end it saves us alot of money, and I guess the more I do it...the better I will get. It was so cute when we were finished. Sydney got up on the stool, and said "my turn." I guess that she felt a little left out. I wet her hair down, and then combed it out. She wanted me to use the clippers, but I refrained. We still haven't even trimmed Sydney's hair!

After haircuts we set out to put up our outside lights. We had meant to do them a few weeks back, but with Shawn out of town, and the never happened. So we finally drug out the box of lights, and set to work. Shawn did the majority of the work, and Sydney enjoyed hanging out with Dad for a bit. We still need to buy some more lights for the outside, but atleast we have some.

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to Tori and Tracy's for "Take Two" of our gingerbread houses. We hoped that these would fair better than our last attempt, and we are glad to say that it was a success! Caden was more into eating the candy this year than actually decorating it, but we still had fun. Tori and Tracy live right down the street from the Mesa Temple so afterwards we bundled up and went to see the lights. It really is one of the most beautiful light displays. At one point, Sydney didn't want to be in the stroller anymore, and all she wanted to do was "walk with Abby." They were so cute walking around hand in hand. It has been so fun watching Sydney...she is getting so independent, and just loves spending time with others.

One thing that has been different this time around is being pregnant during cold weather! Both Caden and Sydney were September babies so I never needed a jacket that would fit around my growing belly. Luckily it doesn't get too cold here, but I may have to go out and by myself a maternity jacket. I feel like it had taken forever for me to actually "look" pregnant, and not just fat...and then it seems as if I woke up this week, and now I am huge! The sad thing is that I know I am only going to get bigger! Oh the joys of pregnancy! Anyhoo, I had Shawn take some pictures of my fat self so you all can see how I am progressing, and be thankful that you aren't has fat as me! :) I am now 7 months along, and March is just around the corner! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. (Oh...and BTW...No, we haven't opened the envelope yet! :)
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! :)

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Within These Walls said...

The gingerbread houses turned out so cute! Dates are wonderful! It sounds like you had a really fun weekend!

Staci said...

The pictures are all SO cute! Looks like you guys had fun making gingerbread houses(yours turned out SO cute) & going to the Temple lights! Your pregnancy pics were fun to see, since I haven't seen you in a few months! I can't believe you only have 15 weeks left!

Samantha said...

You are so cute. Let's just stop saying that you are fat right now. You always look amazing during your pregnancies.
I cut Jonathan and Nathan's hair. I have been doing it for about a year or so, and each time gets easier. So keep at it. It will come.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

good morning crystal,
so adorable how sydney said and did that. awww. you could just clip a teeeeeeny teeny bit and she might be happy that she got a haircut like daddy and caden.

hubby and i saw "i am legend" last night, too. it was alright. bummer ending in a way, too. i'll never likely see it again, but thought it was interesting.

if you want to read something funny and adorable that one of the kidlets in my primary class said, come see my sunday post ("peace my...")

blessings girlie,
kathleen :)

Tonya said...

I think that is so funny that Sydney is outside all bundled up and your hubby is in shorts and a t-shirt!

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi crystal,
thank you for sending me a Christmas card/photo. you are so kind :)

ho ho ho,

Heather said...

Beautiful house! I love the roof especially, you guys have some skillz!

You are so cute and pregnant and I can't believe you only have 15 weeks to go! Enjoy the cool weather.

Crazymamaof6 said...

you look great! and i am way fatter than you. not prego. so i think you look extra cute! love your gingerbread house. and way fun to go to the temple lights.

kemra said...

You guys are so cute! Thanks for the Christmas card - you are so good to get those out every year! We love getting updated! Thanks for the belly shots - you look fantastic! I can't believe you are almost due - it has gone by so fast (says the lady who's not pregnant!) We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Crystal! Looks like you all had a wonderful day!

You guys did a great job on those Gingerbread houses.

It has been chilly here! Your husband is brave to be wearing shorts! :)

Katelyn is a March baby, the 16th.

Katie J. Layton said...

Merry Christmas! We can't wait to see you on Saturday!

Kylie said...

Fun times and cute pics!! I can't believe you still haven't opened the envelope!! You've waited this might as well just wait it out!! It would be fun to be suprised at the hospital!!! said...

hi crystal,
happy new year to you and your guys. hope your pregnancy is going so well for you hon.

blessings to you sweetie,
kathleen xoxo said...

crystal -- this is my new bloggy address since my other one totally died in december :)

Maranda Whittle said...

Hey, I can drop off the bassinet at my parent's house next week and you can pick it up there, or if you want I can just bring it to your parent's house. Let me know. It's a really nice one, I just don't use it. I use another bed thingy I have. It's in really good shape too.

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