Thursday, October 8, 2009

And So It Begins...

My Dearest Caden,

Only two short months ago, you began a journey. This journey will consume the majority of your childhood, and at times you will love it. Other times you will be counting down the days for it to be over.

Part of me wondered how I would feel the day I dropped you off for the first time. Was I going to be one of those Mom's with tears streaming down my face because you were leaving me for the day? I have to say there was a bit of sadness, but no tears. For me, it is so great to watch you grow. Yes, I know it means that sooner than later you will be leaving me for good, but there is so much joy that can be found knowing that you are thriving. It has taken a bit of time getting used to you being gone for so long, but you are having so much fun.

I loved being there that first day before the bell rang. You had got yourself all ready early that morning. You had picked out a Spiderman backpack, and Spiderman Lunch naturally you wanted to wear your Spiderman shirt (you even tried to get Spiderman shoes, but I am a mean mom, and didn't like I made you pick different ones, sorry). The shirt was a little small, but I didn't want to ruin your excitement, so I just went with it.
When we arrived at the school you ran to the playground, and played while I watched. I couldn't believe that you were actually going to be a Kindergartener! Soon, it was time to line up to go inside for class. I wondered if we were going to have a repeat of last year. I know you are one of the oldest in the class, but I didn't want you to feel like you totally stood out. It was nice to see that alot of the boys had caught up! I am sure you will always be one of the tallest in your class, but atleast you don't tower over everyone anymore. Before I knew it you guys were heading inside. I stood and watched as you walked away...never looking back. My heart had little tugs halfway throughout the day when I usually was picking you up at your old school...yet you still had a few more hours left before I would see you again.
It is strange knowing that for the next 12 years someone else will be part of your life more than I am. I just hope you know that I am thinking about you every hour of the day. There are times I wish I could just set up a camera in your classroom...just so I could peek in on you. You are a wonderful boy. So full of life. I am thankful that I am your mother, and will be by your side throughout this journey of learning.

Oh...By the way...School makes you really tired :o)

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5 people know I LOVE comments!:

Karyn Olson said...

all tuckered out! :)

Amy Leininger said...

So sweet, Crystal! I can't imagine the day when my girls go to kindergarten...I will probably be one of those moms with the!

Rosie said...

It goes very quickly-while at times feeling like an eternity! My first baby is a junior this year. We are talking college. Try and enjoy all the little sweetness' that come with the little ones!

It is nice to have to back!

Casey said...

I love your little letter to him. What a bitter sweet day. To watch your baby boy turn into a big boy and go off by himself. I know when mine starts school I am going to cry my eyes out! Its an exciting time though too! and I know he will make amazing memories! :)

Mariah said...

Been a long day? AAAAWWWW...... WOW! He has gotten sssooo tan.... that's what you get when you have a pool! Haha! So wish we had one, and a house like you! It's BEAUTIFUL!


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