Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Annecy

Our trip to Lake Annecy was so much fun. We didn’t rent a car while we were here so we walked everywhere that we went. It obviously took us longer to get places, but we were able to enjoy so much along the way! The waiter at our hotel showed a great route to the lake. We walked down another street that had no vehicle access.

I love people watching it is always something that I have enjoyed doing. Walking all around town it was fun to observe the people around me. I always wonder if they live here or are they visiting like me.

We walked by so many cute shops, and I drooled over how cute the kids outfits were. I was so excited to find some time to go shopping for a cute outfit for the kids. They also had so many little restaurants on the way. Almost everyone ate outside….something unthinkable here in AZ.

After a little bit of a walk we made it to the Lake/Park. The first thing that Caden saw was this old Merry-go-round or should I say “Manege.” Caden just HAD to ride in it so we hopped on and he got to ride. Sydney had fallen asleep on our walk over so she just hung out in the stroller.

It just amazes me at how many people were out and about. I am sure that there are places in the states where people actually spend time outside, but I am sad to say that we aren’t one of them (atleast in the summertime). I think that was one of the things that I enjoyed most about this trip…the fact that we could go outside everyday, and enjoy the fresh air without dying of heat exhaustion.

We continued walking and found a little playground for Caden to play in. We stayed there for a little bit, and let Caden burn off some energy. He had fun, but I have to say that my heart hurt a little for him. He was trying to play with the other kids, but they just looked at him like he was crazy. The poor kid didn’t understand that they didn’t speak the same language.

We walked along the Lake for a while and took in the beauty of its surroundings. Everything from the mountains, to the water and the surrounding buildings just drew you in. I was in awe at how beautiful this place was. We came to another playground, and by this time Sydney was awake so we stopped again so they could play. Imagine if all of our parks had this kind of a view!

What you see in the backround is what they call the Imperial Palace. It is now a hotel/casino, and is absolutely stunning. It has an awesome view of the lake! We thought about how nice it would be to stay there! But alas this trip was being paid for by Shawn’s company. Oh well…

As we were leaving the playground Caden spotted this bird house. Talk about huge! It was pretty cool. Caden had to hop out of the stroller so that we could take this picture. Over the course of our trip we actually saw a few of these. Caden always got a kick out of how many birds could fit into one birdhouse.

After many pit stops we finally made it to the “beach” part of the lake. We changed into our swimsuits and had some fun playing in the water. The kids had a lot of fun jumping to Daddy. I managed to get a few shots of Shawn and the kids. (Don't you just love the enthusiasm oozing from Caden...he really wanted his picture taken...wink, wink.)

Our day was a lot of fun. It was so nice to not have any timetable. We were so relaxed, and could do everything at our leisure. It sure was a great way to start our trip since, I knew that we were going to miss Shawn when he had to go to work the following Monday!
You can read more about our trip HERE or HERE.

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April Bethea said...

Hi Crystal! Wow, this place sounds amazing! That birdhouse is hilarious too. I love France!

Babystepper said...

Oh, you poor thing! First you had to go to France, and then Hawaii?!?

I got to stay here in west OK and watch paint peel. Yeah, it's been a blast!

Farr Family said...

Hey Crystal- it's been a long time. Your family is so cute! I can't believe you went to France. Sounds like lots of fun. I'm jealous! Kimberly

Anonymous said...

hi crystal: i love to people watch, too, when i am out and about. i love getting caught up in those breathtaking scenery views, too. i have them everywhere living here in alaska. so sweet how your heart hurt for little caden trying to engage the others kids in play. good mommy. good heart. i like your heart. you are a sweetheart, kathleen

Becky's Blog said...

i think there's a lady in our ward from near there ... I'll have to ask her. just curious ... what was the water temp like?

Becky's Blog said...

i think there's a lady in our ward from near there ... I'll have to ask her. just curious ... what was the water temp like?

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