Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Get-a-way!

Last month when Shawn and I went to the Snow Patrol Concert we had stopped at a booth on our way in and signed up to go to one of those lame presentations for a timeshare. We knew that we weren't really interested in purchasing one, but who would say no to a free night stay at the local resort, a $25 gift certificate for dining, a $50 Visa card, and a Free 4 nights stay in Hawaii!

So this past weekend was our chance to get away, and enjoy some time alone. It was rather nice since our vacation/work trip in France. My parents were nice enough to take care of the kids, and we were off. We really didn't do much except go out to dinner and then went back to the resort to watch a movie, and just relax. It was just what the doctor ordered. I really needed a break from the kids.

The next morning we woke up, got dressed and then headed to our wonderful presentation. I kinda felt sorry for wasting the guys time, but what can you do, right? I actually think that the place is really nice, but with the different discounts that I get through the airlines it just isn't really practical for us. So we had to decline.

Afterward we headed home, and made Homemade Snickerdoodle Ice Cream for our Ward Ice Cream social. It is sooo yummy. We even ended up winning 2nd place! We all had alot of fun. Unfortunately I didn't have my no fun pictures....sorry!

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Becky's Blog said...

never had snickerdoodle ice cream ... sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

crystal: happy for you that you got to have some nice cozy time away. did you practice tieing cherry stems into knots? :) oh, i couldn't resist that one crystal. you were too cute telling me that thing the other day about that. and i do really like kissing my hubby lately. thanks for making me smile just thinking about this, kathleen

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