Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oreo Turkey's

We are fact we were when I wrote the last post...I am still working on a new post to tell you all about our trip. In the meantime, I wanted to let you in on one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Every year while I was growing up, I would go and spend the night at my Aunt Sheri's. When we woke up in the morning, Jenny, Lori, and I would make "Oreo Turkey's" while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now we are grown and have our own families, and it is impossible to do that anymore. Instead, every year I go out, get the stuff, and make them myself. It always gets me thinking about those fun times I had bonding with my cousins. They are great people, and I love them to death. This year we got a little headstart, and while I had Karyn's kids over today (for our kid swap) we made some. With my cousins we always used them as place settings, but you can make a plate of them and give them to your neighbors too. Here is a step by step demo...not professional by any means, but you get the point! (BTW--this picture is of Caden and I --Thanksgiving 2006)

First of all you need the supplies!
1. Oreo's (you can use the generic ones, but I have found that the original's work the best!)
2. Whoppers
3. Candy Corn
4. Chocolate Frosting (do not get the creamy or whipped is too soft, and does not work well.)
5. Red Hots

Now here is the process you will go through to create your masterpiece!

Separate the Oreo
Yes, I know for some of you this may be very difficult. No worries! If you are not able to perfectly separate the Oreo...use a knife to put all the "white shtuff" onto one side of the cookie.


Spread the chocolate frosting onto the side of the cookie that has no "white shtuff"


Add the "feathers" (candy corns)

Take the candy corns and smush them into the 'white shtuff'. You can put in as many or as little as you like. I usually have about 4 maybe 5. Just make sure that you leave a spot on the bottom of cookie.


Place the Whopper (the turkey's body) on the chocolate frosting side of the cookie.

If you can't figure that out...sorry...I can't help you.


Connect the the Whopper to the "feathers"

Place it perpendicular to the whopper. Then smush the whopper into the 'spot' you left in the 'white shtuff'. If you have a hard time getting it to stay up, you can apply a little more chocolate frosting to get it to stick.


Apply the "Gobble" or the Red Hot

Simply put a little dab of frosting on the Whopper and then place the Red Hot on top!

You have now made yourself an Oreo Turkey! Show it off to your friend or gobble it up yourself! It's your choice! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Here are some pics of the kids while they were doing it! It was fun, easy, and as you can see yummy too!

What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving?
You can get some more ideas over at Scribbit's Winter Bazaar!

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Maranda Whittle said...

What a cute idea!

Scribbit said...

Ack! As if you could make Oreos any better! I'm going to have to put Oreos on the shopping list for tomorrow now . . .

An Iowa Mom said...

I have never seen this before and I LOVE IT! We are having company for Thanksgiving and this will be a perfect treat for the kiddos. :) Not to mention Oreo's are Big Daddy's favorite. :)


PJ said...

So cute, so fun!

My problem with pulling the Oreo's apart would be eating them.

Robert and Amy said...

How totally cute ! Alright, I stumbled on to your blog from Katie Princes. My husband (Rob Jackson) grew up with Shawn in 61st ward and later my family moved in (we lived over by the Porters ,Shawn will know them I'm a Cornett my sis is Ginger) anyway, I recognized Shawn. Your kids are adorable and your blog is SO cute.Our blog address is We'd love to keep in touch. I like how you explain how to do things on yours ,because I'm I'm COMPLETELY challenged when it comes to the computer. I wish we still lived there I'd love to meet you.


Christine said...

Those look like so much fun to make. I'd have that problem too of eating all the Oreos.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Such a cute and fun idea ...

Hawaii? I am soooo jealous!

julie said...

Those are sooo cute. I'll have to see if I can find the time to make them with my kids. Thanks for the great idea.


Anonymous said...

hi crystal,
your posts always make me smile.

thanks sweetie,
kathleen :)

ps. thanks so much for your kind feedback about my murder fiction. i have almost the whole 2nd chapter worked out and i have ideas for how to start the third chapter. this is a rush, a blast, i am loving this. i still can hardly believe i am writing this --- and out of thin air. i can't write the words fast enough. see my 15nov post, share this happy moment with me hon? it is related to this. what this person did totally made my week, maybe even my month. what are you waiting for? come and share. something YOU said crystal gave me something that made me start writing the second chapter the way i did, so thank you so much for asking me those pointed questions, cause you got my mind thinking more about where to take the story. you so rock girl :)

sheri said...

Crystal, I am so happy you are still doing the little turkeys. You made me cry, you know, just your talking about past Thanksgivings with you. You are a very special girl to me and always have been. Our memories with you are so sweet and I'm so happy you were there with us for so many. Lovew
Aunt Sheri

iZING said...

They look as delicious as they do cute!

If I send you my address will you send me some? lol

Katie J. Layton said...

That is such a fun tradition. I'll have to try it. I wish I had more Thanksgiving traditions. Thanks for the idea.

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