Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It always amuses me at the slight differences in words used in England.  Yes we both speak English, but they use some words in a much different context than we would use here in the United States.  I even laughed every time I logged into wanted to know if I wanted to participate in translating FB into English (UK). 

Anyhow, one of the words that always gets me is MIND.  Here when I think of using the word 'mind,' it would be to tell my children that if they don't listen or 'mind' me then then they can get in trouble.  It is a word that basically to me means authority.  So when I continued to see this all around just makes me laugh.
I would see it and immediately make me think that they feel like the child should be in charge and telling me what to do...not me.  Although I know that it really meant to "Watch your Child!"  and that is the difference.  Instead of saying 'watch' they say 'mind' in "Mind the Gap."

The other things the kids got a kick out of were

chips = french fries
nappy = diaper
lift = elevator
buggy or pushchair/cart = stroller
pounds & pence = dollars & cents
bobby = policeman

Do you know any more??

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Maranda Whittle said...

My aunt is from England. She's always saying, mind this and mind that! It's pretty funny!

Faggot= bundle of sticks,
fluff= toot
bloody= the "D" word!!
Dylan= idiot (she tried to talk me out of naming my son Dylan, cuz of this one!)

H said...

I knew about nappy- like don't ask for a napkin in a restaurant. There's a funny book that is slipping my mind right now that your kids have to read. I'll ask Kyra what it is tomorrow...

Tonya said...

I think that would be kind of hard to get used to the differences. So funny!

Anonymous said...

Pavement = sidewalk
Loved the tulip pics, im in the north of england and our pretty little village is covered in them xx

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