Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Travel Log

Traveling with children makes for a very different experience.  Last time I was in London, I spent my days wandering the streets, and seeing alot of historical sights.  We did see alot of thing this time, but we also did alot of 'kid oriented' things.  I didn't get to see a 'broadway' show, but we still managed to fill our days with alot of fun. 
One of the things we particularly enjoyed was the Science Museum.  It was so big and so much fun that we actually spent about 1 and a half days there!!!  Did I also mention it was FREE!  In fact most of the museums, and alot of the attractions through out London are.  There were only a few things that we actually paid to experience...it sure would be nice if that was the case here in the states!
They had everything thing you can imagine here.  The kids (and me) were in heaven because they were encouraged to touch EVERYTHING!  One of our favorite spots was 'the Garden' in the basement.  It was especially designed for kids 6 and under.  They had a water area, dress up, blocks, slide, and lots of other hands on things the kids loved. 
There was so much to learn about, and experiment with everywhere.  The volume of information was amazing.  Another one of the kids favorite exhibits was "Plasticity".  It was all on the history of plastic.  How it was made, and what things were actually made out of plastic.  The whole exhibit was surrounded by a hundreds of Red long strips of plastic that the kids could run through.  I don't think I laughed so hard in a long time.  Just listening to their giggles as they ran back and forth and into the padded posts had me going for a while.
It really was such a neat place, and kept us busy all day long!
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H said...

I love that you went back for a second day at the museum, I'm sure that wasn't the original plan. But, you gotta do what the kids enjoy because that's what it's all about, right? A good science center is all a kid needs to make a vacation a blast. It is too bad that not only do you have to pay here, but they are stinkin' ex.pen.sive! (I'm sure Shawn enjoyed the free part there in London.)
Oh, and don't think I didn't catch that "Last time I was in London..." crack. Go ahead, rub it in :(

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