Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Travel Log

Before we came to London, we made a trip to our local library.  I checked out every children book and travel guide possible.  The childrens books were fun because it gave the kids a little insight of what was there on a level that they could understand. 

The place that was on Caden's 'MUST SEE' list was the Tower of London.  It was originally built in 1078 by the current ruler of London.  Over time more towers were added, and then became a place where prisoners and traitors were sent to be tortured and killed.  It does have quite the morbid history, but the main reason why Caden wanted to go there was to see the Crown Jewels.  Unfortunately they don't allow cameras there so their beauty is captured in our minds.  It is kind of sad that something like that is only worn a few times.  So much jewlery gone to waste.  The other thing Caden found interesting was what they did with the royalties silverware and spices.  I forget what it is called, but they have a special gold plated thing that they lock them up in to prevent them from getting poisoned. 
Sydney especially loved the guards that stood outside the Jewlery, and the Yeoman or "Beefeaters" that gave us a tour.  There was even a special exhibit in the White Tower of all the different armory.  The kids couldn't believe it when they found a knight suit that was actually their size.  They also got to pretend to be guards of the Tower, and use different 'weapons' to keep out the 'bad guys.' 

Since we were so close to Tower Bridge we walked over there for the Exhibition tour. We got to ride an elevator to the top and walk across the top of the bridge.  The views were incredible.  Afterwards we went down to the engine room.  Caden really enjoyed seeing how the bridge actually worked, and what they had to do in order to raise it for the passage of boats.  It was such a great learning experience for the kids.   
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H said...

It sounds like you did some good prepping to get the kids excited about this trip. Well done.
(I like the flowers too. It seems like I've admired beds of flowers everywhere I visit.)

tammy said...

I'm glad the kids had so much fun and learned a few things too.

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