Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh How I Wish We Had Flowers Like This!

It seemed like everywhere turned there were beautiful beds of flowers all over London.  Although Daisies are my favorite..Tulips are up there too.  I think because they are my sisters fav, and they remind me of her.  I love Arizona, but it sure would be nice if the weather would allow us to grow beautiful beds of flowers like these!

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Flowers said...

Very beautiful. Your blog made my eyes colorful! keep on posting some more blog like this.

tammy said...


That is one of the only things I miss about living in UT, being able to plant tulips and daffodils, and the lush green trees in the summer when our plants our fried.

Carl and Starla said...

I loved visiting London! It really is so gorgeous! The UK in general is gorgeous! I love your family picture on top of the blog! When we get our family pics I will have to "hire" you to update my blog look! :)

Doctors in India said...

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