Monday, June 7, 2010

If Only I Would Actually Win

One item that I would LOVE to add to my kitchen is a Bosch Mixer.  I talk about it with Shawn all the time, but he thinks I am good with the second hand Kitchen Aid that I got off craigslist a few years ago.  I try to explain to him that Kitchen Aid doesn't really hold a candle to Bosch when it comes to making bread (not that I really make bread that often...but if I had a Bosch...I probably would! haha) 

Anyhow, so I was so excited to land upon this blog, and see that they were giving away a Bosch for FREE!  I could not believe it!  I don't think I will win, but I am in dreamland..and it would be so cool if I actually won!  So here is my measly attempt at getting and extra entry.

Deals To Meals is a service that compares the prices of all of the major grocery stores, Costco and Walmart and tell you where the best deals are. With those deals they give you recipes and meal plans to use those foods. They are now in 12 states, including Arizona!  I haven't ever used them personally (because I JUST found their blog/website), but am looking into it!  I love the idea of someone else doing all the busy work to get me a deal! 

So go check them out, and I guess you can enter to win too be sure to let them know that I was the one that sent you their way (I get extra entries for referrals :o)...but if you win I expect you to graciously give it to me instead...hahahaha Just kidding *kinda*  Good luck! Oh BTW the contest is open until June 30th and the winner *hopefully me* will be announced on July 4th!

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tammy said...

I agree, they are so much better! I don't have one either. I think if you don't win it, it should be on your Christmas list for sure!!

Suzanne said...

I saw your link on FB so I signed up to win but I told her you reffered me soo that means you get five more entries!!!! I hope that helps you win!!!! That would be a GREAT birthday present!!

Kristin said...

I just got a bosch for my bday present (wahoo!), but signed up and referred you. If I do win- it's defanetly yours! :)

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