Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Travel Log

When traveling with kids, it is a must that somewhere along the way we must 'chill' at a playground.  One that was on my MUST DO list was Princess Diana's Memorial Playground found in Kensington Gardens.  The reason why was because it was built around the theme of Peter Pan.  They had Captain Hooks Pirate Ship, The Lost Boys tree house, Indian Teepee's, and much more. 

We took a stroll through the park, and stopped at the playground.  We ended up staying for hours, and if the kids had their way we would have stayed even longer.  It was a wonderful place to let the imagination run free, and create some wonderful memories.  If we return to London, I will be sure to make a second visit.
I seemed to enjoy any park that we came upon in our travels.  One thing that I have noticed in Europe is that every park had gates to enter and exit in!  Totally ingenious!  I loved it because I never had to worry about my kiddos running off and getting lost or running into the street.  In fact we took a stroll down from our hotel to this great little playground.  It was directly adjacent to a pretty busy road, but because it had a gate around the entire playground, I could let my kids run free.  It was a very liberating feeling.  
It is so fun playing at the parks.  They aren't like our typical ones back home so it keeps the kids entertained with all the new things they come upon.  Now if the parks here in the U.S.  could just get on board with the gated playgrounds...that would be great!  (I guess here in the U.S.  there are parents that would actually leave their children there unattended...so sad that we miss out on such a great thing!)

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stacy said...

so fun! in california we had a few gated parks. it was so much nicer to take the kids to thise ones...for some reason those ones didn't have bathrooms though, that was a bugger!

Shannon said...

What a great park. And I'm with you on the gate thing.

Sydney's hair looks so long and pretty.

My sister in AZ just had a baby. I want to go out to see her this summer. When we do I'll give you a call. It would be fun to get together again.

Josh - Scottsdale Real Estate Expert said...

It's tough to find playgrounds that aren't all ABS plastic and fisher price stuff anymore. This playground while maybe not the safest thing ever, looks authentic, and if you were a tike, like a total blast!

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