Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Heart...

My Dear Caden,

My heart aches right now for you.  Late in the night on Tuesday you called for me.  You couldn't go back to sleep.  You didn't complain that you didn't feel well.  You just said that you woke up, and couldn't sleep again.  I being tired myself told you to keep trying, and if you needed a book.  Then I went back to bed. 

When you woke up on Wednesday morning you complained that you were still sooo tired.  You said that you had woke up 2 times, and couldn't I chalked up your sleepyness from that.  You got dressed for school, and then layed down on the couch.  I tended to Sydney helping her get ready for school, and when I turned around you were snoozing on the couch.

You didn't appear to have a fever, but we had misplaced the I can never be sure.  All I know is that you slept the ENTIRE day.  Late during the night you began to vomit with accompaning diarreaha.  Thursday continued with much the same.  You finally got up the gumption to try to eat some lunch on Thursday afternoon...only to have it come up within the hour.  The evening and bedtime hours brought much of the same.  It was as if I had a newborn, and was waking up every couple of hours...only I didn't get to nourish you.  Instead I had to watch my baby suffer.

Friday I was even more worried.  You hadn't eaten for 2 days.  I thought if I could just get you to eat some toast...maybe that would help.  You tried, but didn't even eat half of the bread before it came back up.  I called the doctor.  They looked at you.  She prescribed you some Zofran in hopes that you will stop vomiting.  Friday night brought even more wakings.  You are drinking alot, but still no food. 

It has now been 4 whole days, and we are working on our 5th.  Anything I give you won't stay down.  I just want my fun happy Caden back.  We are going to head to the hospital and see if they can figure out what it going on.  My heart can't take it any more. 


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Suzanne said...

Sad. Poor little guy. I hope you guys get some answers and he starts to feel better.

stacy said...

that's a LONG time!!!!!! i'm so sorry i hope he's better soon for all of your sakes...poor buddy.

Matt and Staci said...

I'm so sorry, I hope they figure it out! That sounds like more than just the flu. Hope everything is ok!

Carina said...

So very, very hard to watch our babies hurting! Mine is sick right now, too!

grandma kathleen said...

I keep checking you blog to see if this child is any better. In the meantime, lots of my grandkids are getting sick. Karyn has had more than her share. I hope you will report how and when yours got better.

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