Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Spinning our Wheels"

So the last few days have brought alot of the same.

We continued with bowel rest. Which is supposed to make the pancreatic enzymes lower. Caden's did the opposite. Each day they would draw blood...and each day they got higher.

To kinda give you an idea. If you were to draw blood from a 'normal' person, their pancreatic enzymes would register anywhere from 10 to 140.

Caden's started at 990 then went down slightly to 914. They said if he had more bowel rest...then it should continue to decrease. Yesterday his levels were at 1143! They finally got the PICC line in, and my hopes were that this mornings results would have lower enzymes, but they didn't! It was very frustrating!

The doctor even made the comment that it felt like we were 'spinning our wheels.' I thought...You are telling me this!?? Ha! In any normal treatment for pancreatitis his levels should be coming down, but they weren't. He scheduled an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't a psuedocyst on his pancreas that was excreting fluid. The ultrasound came back clean (yay!), and since their current treatment wasn't working......


I can't tell you how happy my boy was just to eat some jello, yogurt, and a scoop of mashed potatoes. I think the thing he loved the most was being able to drink GATORADE! I made the mistake of bringing one in on the first day we were here, and he had been asking for one since.

So far he has been able to keep everything down, and there have been no signs of abdominal that is a good sign.

They also are going to stop the TPN, and see how he does not being hooked up to anything. (Another yay!)

This day started out with nothing too promising, but ended with lots of good things. Now I am just holding my breath for the results after tomorrow mornings blood draw. I hope that all this 'good stuff' doesn't end up setting us back with even worse blood work!

Till tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Crystal, such wonderful news! I am glad to hear Caden was able to eat today. Carter and I have been praying for him - and Carter asks me how he's doing each day. We will continue to pray for a safe and healthy return home before Christmas.
Love and hugs,

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