Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Caden James!

Yesterday I lived in the moment of celebrating my sweet little boys birthday. When Caden woke up we baked mini cupcakes to bring to his Pre-school class. We sang “Happy Birthday” and he blew out some candles on one of the cupcakes. I have been so exhausted lately that we decided that we would have a “party” for Caden and Sydney together on Sydney’s birthday (Sept. 29)…so I wanted to still make this day fun. Shawn even worked from home so he was able to come to Caden’s class. I think Caden was excited to have his whole family there.

After school we headed home. Sydney was tired so we put her down for a nap. Since Shawn was home, it gave me the opportunity to take Caden out to lunch all by myself. I asked Caden where he would like to go, and like every other child I know said “O McDonald’s” (yes, for some reason he always adds the “O” to it…I think it is cute.) It was so fun to go and not have to worry about anyone, but him. We sat, ate, and then he played for a while. Finally it was time to head back home.

Shortly after we got home…he ended up falling asleep. This doesn’t happen very often. I wish that Caden took regular naps, but he doesn’t anymore. Most of the time I don’t like him to take naps because then he won’t go to sleep at night, but when I walked into the room and saw this…I just let him sleep. My “baby” had wore himself out.

The day ended with us making the drive out to Joe’s Farm Grill where Caden got his free meal for his birthday. Nancy, Noah, and Maya joined us for the celebration. We ate, and then went to Nancy’s to swim. I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect day!

Today my mind has reflected on the past, and how much it has changed over the last 4 years. For years ago today, I was sitting in a hospital bed holding a baby that me and my dear husband had just brought into the world. I was tired, in pain, but could not contain the joy I had for this sweet little spirit that I barely knew.

I say he was "little", but Caden was never "little". He was born weighing a whopping 9lbs 7oz! He has never looked back. He has always been big for his age, and now is no different. He is only 4, but weighs almost 48 lbs, and is over 44 inches tall. People always think he is atleast 5 or 6 years old. If it was my plan he would have been, but Heavenly Father is the one in charge.

Over the years I would come to learn that he was full of life and determination. I think that some time in the future when you look up the word “strong-willed” Caden’s picture will be in it. He knows what he wants, and you will be hard pressed to get him to do something that he doesn’t want to do.

I have spent so many days full of laughter at the silly things that he has done. For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time know about Caden and “His Prayer.” Little did I know when I uploaded it onto Google Video, to put on my blog, that it would end up becoming an email phenomenon a few months later. His little clip has been viewed by over 4,000 people in just about a month! I have always found it funny ( I mean-- I am his mother...we always think the things our kids do are funny! ), but never imagined it being spread to thousands! His prayer is just a glimpse of what a character he really is.

Now Caden isn’t always an angel. In fact, sometimes my heart aches at some of the choices he makes. I wonder what makes him be so mean sometimes. Why he doesn’t always listen, and seems to want to make my life such a challenge! (I can only imagine what life will be like when he becomes a teenager!) I just hope that I can be strong enough to guide him in the right direction so when he does grow up he will be a person that I can be proud of.

Having children has changed my life. It has helped me to become a better person, and truly understand how much you can love someone. I am so thankful to have Caden in my life. I look forward to his coming years as he grows and gains more understanding. At the same time, I will never let go of the little boy that tugged at my heart and changed my life forever.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy Birthday Caden! How exciting!
and you are smart to combine that party! way to go making it a fun day for him.

check out my blog! i picked you to be a rockin' girl blogger!

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Caden.. I had never seen that prayer video yet, so thanks for sharing.. That was the cutest & funniest thing ever.. What a character you have on your hands.. :0)

julie said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Caden!

I think that is fabulous that you spent some alone time with just him today. Every kid needs this.

Babystepper said...

Congratulations to the little man!

My son did the same with McDonald's for a while, but he said the whole word "Old McDonald's". (From the song, you know)

Katie J. Layton said...


That was sweet. Caden is a very cute boy and the stories you tell me just crack me up.


Anonymous said...

hi crystal:
awesome beautiful post about your little caden. you choked me up by the end of your writing. man i like your heart.

and way cool that so many have viewed his prayer. that so cracked me up when i saw it and awarded runner up prize in my silly contest awhile back.

your post was so heartwarming and dear, my friend. kathleen :)

Melanie and Will said...

happy birthday caden! glad he had an enjoyable day!

and i never knew about the video?!? i need to see it!

Heather said...

Happy birthday Caden~ What a nice tribute to your little man Crystal. Have a great party with the two cutest kids!

Melissa Garrett said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday Caden!! And congratulations, Mom & Dad, for raising such a lovely little boy :-)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Caden!

Beautiful post, Crystal!

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy Birthday to Caden! :)

I love the pics you've shared. That's neat that you were able to bring baked goodies to share with his classmates. Around here, everything has to be packaged treats purchased from the homebaked goodies because of potential allergy issues. How sad. Baking is what I love to do best!

Amber said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post! Amen to not always agreeing with his choices but what a blessing it is for him to have you guiding him in his life.

Happy birthday to Caden!

kailani said...

Happy Birthday Caden!

Looks like he had a wonderful time! Why can't birthdays be this fun when you're older? hee hee

Anonymous said...

crystal: and mcdonalds so rocks! my fav fast food place, so now i like caden even more! :)

i love hearing you talk about your loved ones. you speak with such gratitude in your heart. you're sweet, kathleen

Sara! said...

Okay, I hadn't seen that video, but it is seriously the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen! Wouldn't it have been so much easier for him to just bless the food? Seriously, that's great. My niece did the same type of babbling for a while and when my sister had had enough of it, and told her to knock it off, she said, "I was praying in Spanish." With the 'duh' tone in her voice. Hmmm, she's 3, strong willed like Caden, maybe a match in 20 years?! I'll have to tell my sister to watch this video.

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