Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Call...

This post is for my fellow MHS Class of 1997 alumni...

I am helping the Reunion Committee to compile and make a video for the reunion, and need your help.

Can you email a recent picture of you or your family and possibly a couple of pictures from high school.

We want to get as much of variety as possible. So even if you aren't planning on attending we would love to get some photos!

Email them to by Friday October 19. Thanks! (Yes I realize that is tomorrow...they had posted a request on the reunion blog, but I don't know how many people have seen it.)

Thanks so much!

P.S. You can find more info about the final details of the Friday night Pre-Party @ Dos Gringos, The picnic, and the actual reunion at

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Rhiannon Nielsen said...

Hey Crystal, I hope that it wasn't to late to get pictures to you. I just sent some of High school and what I look like now. Thanks for keeping in contact with me. Have fun at the reunion.

Lisa Wagenman said...

Hey Crystal,
So after the reunion, I had to get on this blog thing and figure it out! Yours is so cute! I totally have to get mine updated! Anyways, it was so fun to see you at the reunion and thanks for all the work you and the rest of the committee did. It was awesome! Your family is beautiful and your blog is so creative! Hopefully the next time you check mine it will have more to offer than 3 old pictures of our ugly dog - lame!Later skater! Lisa

Stina said...

CRYSTAL!! oh my gosh! it has been a LONG time! i am so glad that i found your blog thru the reunion site. i feel sad that we couldn't go. it sounded like lots of fun.

i miss ya!

christina (root) pettit

The Earls said...

So how did the reunion go? Tell me all about it. I wish I could have gone. Email me at
Crystal (Elliott)

Heather said...

You crazy girl. I could not resist the temptation to rip open that envelope, or if I were Shaun I would peek, since he wants to know anyway. Good luck resisting, or maybe I should take that back since I would like to know who the next member of the family is going to be. :)

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