Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our past week...

It amazes me at how fast time seems to go by...then I log on and realize that I haven't posted in over a week! We have been having loads of fun. Here is a recap of our week...

We celebrated Memorial Day by going to the pool. We split a season pass with some friends, and decided to 'break it in'. The water was still a little cold, but not too bad. The kids didn't seem to mind. While we were there we ran into our friends, the Olson's. Since I have had Thomas we haven't been doing our kids the kids have missed each other. We invited them over to BBQ, and then we just hung out while the kids played. They had a blast together.

We spent some time with my sister Nancy. She lured us over with a 'pretend' house that was for sell just around the corner. heehee...It was just a mistake that we both overlooked. I haven't mentioned it on here, but we may or may not move. (I thought I would never move again!) Shawn has decided that he would like for us to have a pool. I am kinda on the fence about the whole thing. We figure if it is meant to be then we will find one in the right price range, and in the area that we would like to be.

Summer Movie Fun started on Friday. The kids were so excited about going to the movies. We got there right when it was starting so I had a hard time finding a seat in the dark. Luckily some lady showed me where some were together. Shortly after we sat down, Sydney decided that she needed to pee. I took her to the potty. When we came back Thomas decided to unload...then I felt my leg get warm. He had exploded out the side of his diaper and then leaked all over my pants and shirt! Lovely! Luckily Julie was sitting behind me and kept an eye on my kids while I took Thomas to the bathroom to strip him down and clean him up. I finally got back in time for the last few minutes of the show! Needless to say...I was exhausted! I hope to get there earlier this Friday.

After the movie we decided to cash in on the FREE lunches that the school system provides for kids 1-18. The kids were stoked about getting pizza, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they got. They had alot of fun.

On Saturday, I got a much needed date with my honey. We did our usual dinner and a movie. We got to see Indiana Jones. It has a little bit of an odd plot line, but we still enjoyed it. It is just nice to get away and have some time with Shawn.

On Sunday we managed to get to church in time (I still don't understand why they allow 8 am church!). I finally got a calling to be the Primary Secretary. It has been a strange 9 months since our ward got dissolved. We have always been in wards that needed alot of help. It was kinda nice not having any responsibilities each week, but I am glad to have a calling now. It makes me feel like I am actually contributing something. There is still alot I have to learn, but I look forward to it.

Monday was really productive. The kids were up bright and early, so I decided to go to the gym earlier than I usually do. It was actually kinda nice to get that done and out of the way. It opened up the day to get some errands done. When Thomas was just a little under 2 weeks old, my cousin Ashley graciously obliged to take some photos of him. It has taken me forever to get over to her house to pick up the disc with all of his pics, but I finally did! They are sooooo great! I will be posting about that soon, but here is a little sneak peek. She is amazing! After we picked up the disc we went by the library to sign up for their summer reading program. The kids are excited for the prizes they will win, and picked out a bunch of books to read over the next week. We left the library just in time to stop by the school again for a FREE meal. The kids are really enjoying going to the school, and it saves me time and money because I don't have to make them anything! I love it!

We ended our day by going to the pool with the whole fam. The kids are loving the water, and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Shawn left for Georgia. He will be back on Thursday, but it just isn't the same without him around! Hopefully I can get some stuff done around the house while he is away.

Anyway...I just am babbling away! Hopefully I didn't bore you too much!

(If you are interested in knowing about any of the things I talked about in this post just email me!)

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Babystepper said...

Where on earth have you found the energy to do all this!!?!??!

I spent the first months of my children's lives comatose and in pain. Well, OK, not literally comatose, but I wanted to be.

Kudos to you for your strength and I'll send an extra prayer out for you while Hubby's away.

Heather said...

Busy girl! You are a good mommy to keep busy this summer, your kids will have a blast and it is probably good for your sanity too.

Matt & Staci said...

FUN WEEK!!! Sorry about the blowout in the middle of the movie...I think they CHOOSE when they want to do that! Usually for me, it was in the middle of church:)

Keep having fun & enjoying those FREE LUNCHES...that is so nice!

Diaper Diva said...

Fun busy week for you. Way to start movie fun off with a bang!

Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like a full week! bummer about going potty and a blow out! so fun to see ya there. i am aiming to get there earlier this week too.
bummer shawn is gone. and YOU are good for wanting to help out with a calling.
love the pictures of Thomas! SO CUTE!
and also way to go on going to free lunch! i should but it is SO MUCH EFFORT. to load everyone in and out of the car. and GAS too. maybe if i was out. you are smart to do it when you are already in the car.

Katie J. Layton said...

I'm so glad you posted! Thank you again for making my blog look so cute. I loved hearing about all your summer adventures. It sounds like a blast. Well, if you move, please move a tad closer. Then maybe I will see you guys a little more. That would be a blast! I even go into Gilbert a ton more than I ever do Mesa. Just a tad closer, pleeeeeaaaaaaase????!!!!!

Becca said...

The picture of Thomas is Beautiful. I really wish I was more on top of it when my 10 month old was that little. I feel like a slacker for not preserving his memories like I did with his Brother.

Becky said...

I get all excited when you say that Shawn left for Georgia. One of these times you'll have to drag the whole crew with him and come meet my family! (No one from Mesa EVER comes to visit out here in Georgia!).

Just wanted to drop in and say hi! And the photos of Thomas are beautiful!

Andrea said...

You started your summer keeping busy! I'm glad we get to see each other on Fridays for Summer Movie Fun! Plus the free lunches!! Hey missed ya yesterday!

I'm a little jealous you got to get out & see Indiana Jones. We're dyin' to see that one!!

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