Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good and Bad

We'll start with the Good...

Our furniture was delivered on Monday!!

It truly was an exciting event.

We went from this.
(Just imagine another sofa, and the T.V. on the little stand...I forgot to take the picture until after we had already moved some of the stuff)

To this
Thanks, Love, for finally caving in to my desires!

Now on to the bad news.

Don't let this picture fool you.
He may seem happy

but this little dude woke up at 2am Monday morning

barking like a seal.

We spent some time in a steam filled bathroom.

Then cranked up the humidifier.

He was a trooper most of Monday...and I thought we might make it through without a trip to the doc.

Then the night came.

He was so tired he fell asleep in my arms...

only to wake up 30 minutes later


So off to Good Night Pediatrics (I heart them)

They gave him


An I.V. dose of steroids

A lovely suppository to get his fever down


a breathing treatment.

They finally sent us out the door and on our way to a 24 hour Pharmacy.

A prescription of Azithromyicin and prednasone.

Today he is much better, but doesn't want me to let him down.
I got so much done today :)

Needless to say...my house is beautiful...hahaha
Yeah, right!

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14 people know I LOVE comments!:

TIFFANY & CO. said...

LOVE that table. Where'd you get it?

The May family said...

Crystal, I totally understand. We have been through that with both of my boys this winter. I hope he gets better soon!

The furniture is beautiful!

Patrice said...

Oh, I have spent so many nights in the steamy bathroom! It looks like he needed quite a bit more, and I'm so glad he is improving!

Courtney said...

Im so sorry to hear that your little guy was sick. We went through that with both our kids, and it took two weeks to get over everything. Im glad to hear that he is fealing better!

Candice said...

Wow! What a transformation with all the beautiful black furniture! I love it! Now I want to come back to your house, have another party! I want to chill on your new couch and watch a good movie! We need to have Shawn talk to Stephen about giving into your wife's desires! I've been wanting new furniture for about 5 years now! Oh well, we'll just make do with all our old hand me down furniture for a few more years. In the meantime I can drool over yours!

onehm said...

DARLING furniture!

And I'm so sorry to hear about your little guy! Good luck with him continuing to get better!!

Rosie said...

I have that exact table! I love it. My entertainment center is also very similar!

We have had the seal baby around here lately. I hope that you can get some sleep.

Did you know that another great help for croup is COLD air. Where you are in AZ you probably can't sit with the babies head out the door--won't do too much good if it is 60+ degrees. Here is the frozen north, we wrap up and sit with our heads out the door--at -10*

Your furniture is lovely!

Emy5 said...

That is a lovely space that you have created. Like the fireplace in the corner too.

Poor little babe. Hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

The furniture looks fabulous! I hope your little guy feels better soon!

Devan and Robyn said...

Your furniture is awesome!! That is so fun to be able to "dress -up" your new house!! Sorry that Thomas has not been feeling good. There is nothing worse than a sick baby!!

Babystepper said...

Beautiful furniture! I'm just the teensiest bit jealous. =)

I have been there with the baby not breathing well at night and the late (or very early) trip to the ER.

Hope he starts feeling better very soon.

Matt & Staci said...

Hope your baby is feeling better!

Love the new furniture! So nice!

Amy said...

Glad he is feeling better. LOVE the furniture! Who did your painting?

Tonya said...

Love the furniture and especially the table. I so want a new table. And I'm glad to hear that he is feeling better too bad you aren't getting anything done! There is always tomorrow right?!

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