Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fly on the Wall

Hey I am Moe the Fly. I have been stuck in this house for a few days now. There have been some interesting things going down here. One in particular, was a conversation that I witnessed last Thursday. I thought I would share it with you.

The lady of the house came in with the children. It appeared as if she had just been shopping, and with the help of the little lady was putting things away in the kitchen. She was on the phone talking with the husband. He was late getting home that day, but was about to return. She was in the kitchen when the man of the house entered through the garage door.

"Wow!!! Did you have a spurt of energy today? What made you want to clean so much? Are you in the nesting phase??? You better not be pregnant! I guess you just wanted to get ready for Karma's baby shower on Saturday."

The Mrs. just laughed. She knew the real answer. She didn't do it. She had two lovely ladies come and scrub away. She let it sink in to the husband a little bit more. The husband kept going on and on about how nice it was. The Mrs. just continue to chuckle to herself never directly answering the questions that the husband continued to ask.

He continued to be baffled at what came over his wife. She had sat down to feed the little man, and he questioned her again. She turned and looked at him sheepishly, and the real answer dawned on him. She began laughing, and then witnessed the torn expression.

First a great big grin spread across his face and out blurted "I like it!" Then his brow furrowed as logic set in...you see the husband suffers from post partum money depression...and this costs money. He really likes the idea, but is struggling with paying for it.

Overall he understood her plight. He knows it is hard to 'keep up', but I think he is willing to do this for her. I don't think I have seen the Mrs. this happy in a long time.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! my husband is pretty happy to have a housekeeper come. he just wishes i'd get a job to pay for it.

and then my fits before and after. he doesn't love those. i am one of those people that has to pre-clean. and then get cranky if it gets messed up right away.
it seems that having a maid come warrants having fruit punch that afternoon, and popcorn . seriously? if we are spending the money, lets let it stay clean for more than a couple hours. he doesn't get it. we just avoid that by not having a maid anymore. it's not worth the drama. and there is always drama.

congrats for you! that is AWESOME!

Elisa said...

Yay! Congrats Crystal!

Kim said...

Lucky! I could use a little help. Send them my way!!

Patrice said...

Whew! I'm glad everyone was happy in the end.

Jen said...

Can I just say how JEALOUS I am??? But so great for you, you deserve it!! And I can empathize since I too have a husband that suffers from ppmd!

tammy said...

Yay! I was wondering how that all was gonna play out. I wish I had an excuse to hire a housecleaner. Hard to say I need one when my kids are all in school and hubby comes home from a trip to find me blogging or reading all day. but I've learned to have those days on the days he's gone, and to spend the days he's home cleaning and shopping and *sighing* about just how much there is to do around here. Wouldn't want him thinking I have too much free time.

Becca said...

Loved it! YAY!

Becca said...

Loved it! YAY!

Karyn Olson said...

I had a feeling he was going to be a sport about it! Husbands love it when their wife is happy!

Tonya said...

Love the way you let us know his reaction! That was very clever ;) Glad he liked it.

H said...

Oh Mr. Fly, stay and buzz in the Mr's ear and confirm the sweet comfort that a clean house gives the entire family. Remind him that he is helping someone who needs work and is earning a living to support their own family in these trying times.

Jenny said...

That was great! I keep thinking I'm going to have my housekeeper back, but I too suffer from ppmd!
:( And the fact that it is dirty the next day and I wonder, why did I just pay that??? Although you did bring back the feelings of "awww, a clean house". That's the best feeling in the world- even if it is only for a few days. :)

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