Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Picture Challenge #6

I didn't get around to doing the Random Picture Challenge on Saturday...but I decided to do it anyway. If you would like to see other random picture participants from this week, go here.
January 2007
13th picture folder
3rd picture
This was one of the first times that I put Sydney's hair if two little ponies on top of her head. Looking at this picture...I just can't believe how much she has grown! I love my little girl!

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Katie J. Layton said...

Love the picture. We are in the process of trying to rent out our house. I'm trying to get my house clean, then I am going to start organizing cupboards, etc. Any suggestions on getting my house rented out fast. You and Shawn are the experts. We are trying to move back to Gilbert. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Hope things are going well for you and your cute family.

Schatz said...

cutie pie!!!

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