Monday, December 21, 2009


On Thursday, Dec. 10th Shawn and I got to perform at the Mesa Arts Center with EVMCO for the first time. I can not begin to express what an amazing thing it was to be a part of.

For those of you who haven't heard about it. The group was formed by two brothers who saw a need for 'GOOD' music. They started their first one out in Orange County (where they live). Their sister lives out here in AZ and begged them to come out here...and they finally did. They fly out here once a week to run rehearsals.

The organization consists of singers starting at 4 years old all the way up to an adult choir, and also a fully symphonic orchestra. I was so excited to be able to have the opportunity to play again in an orchestra full of good players. The experience did not disappoint.

There were times, while playing in the concert, that I was almost overcome by the powerful emotion that the music brought. It was wonderful. I only wished I could have been in the audience to have felt the full effect of our music. I am so thankful that Brett & Brandon gave in and decided to come out here. It really is a great contribution to our community

There was a lot of controversy about the cost of the tickets (some as much as $40), but I think it is so worth your money. I can't wait for our next concert on March 5th!

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tammy said...

I'm sure it was absolutely amazing! I get overcome with emotion just by playing for the ward choir, I can only imagine something on this level.

tammy said...

And maybe you need to teach me how to play the violin.

Mariah said...

I want you to give me lessons! I play the violin, need more practice!Just kidding, i know you don't give lessons...:)

sherry said...

You remember I ended up paying 40 each. But it was so worth it! I really think the orchestra makes all the difference. It was amazing. I got emotional listening to my kids practice, but the performance with the orchestra just blew me away. It was my favorite christmas present...

KatieJ said...

I came to see a friend in this and it was awesome- good job! I love what Christmas music does to bring that Christmas spirit.

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