Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another thing that we traditionally do as a family is attend The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. It is actually for their Lunch, and for the different Children's plays that they have throughout the year. My sister reserves the whole front section...if you ever are interested in going you can read the details about it here.This particular play/musical was "Frosty the Snowman." The kids had a great time as usual. Even Thomas sat through the whole thing! It is kinda crazy to think that we have been going to these since Caden was probably around 9 months old...and now here I am with 3 kids...still going!
They really do a great job with all the sets, and the actors are good too! My kids always get a kick out of meeting them after the show, and getting all of their autographs.

It really is such a fun time for us as a family.
Sydney is super excited for "The Little Mermaid" in March. My sister still has a few tables available...let me know if you want to come!

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Mariah said...

I so wanna come! Those were quite the outfits there! Glasd you guys had fun, i so want to go to "the Little Mermaid"! Call me, J/K! hEHE:)

sherry said...

I forgot you did this! Remind us again next time so we can get in on the action.

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