Thursday, December 24, 2009

Say Cheese Twice

Like I said before, our family shoot with all of Shawn's family didn't fair well with my kids, and left me wanting a better pic of 'our little family'. Jamie's Father-in-law has about an acre of property where he stores alot of 'valuables'. We decided that would be a perfect spot to for our family.
Jamie is a mother to 6, and now 7 of some of the cutest kids around. Since this was a much more informal shoot...she brought her kids along to play while we shot a few pictures. Her oldest ended up being a major help. In order to get my kids to look at the camera, AND smile, she had him stand behind her. He ended up picking up piles of leaves and threw them on his own head. My kids found it hilarious as you can tell in these photos. Their giggles had me laughing too!My kids are notorious for some silly glad she captured these.This car is probably one of the coolest things I like about this location. The color and the vintage-ness of it all was perfect!And of course this was my favorite...I did end up doing a little photoshopping though...In a rush to get out of the house, I forgot Sydney's bow. So I ended up clipping it out of a different pic, and adding it. Silly I know...but I think it turned out okay! Here is the original. :o)Thanks again Jamie! You are seriously talented! I would recommend her to anyone!

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Carina said...

Great pictures! I am once again astounded by your photo-shopping skills!

Elisa said...


1) awesome pics!
2) your kids are gorgeous!
3) you look great!
4) Jamie rocks!
5) beauttiful family, Crystal. Seriously.

K said...

ha ha ha ha -- photoshopped bow!!

beautiful family!! --karyn

TIFFANY & CO. said...

Love the photo of you & shawn! I'd get that blown up and put it in my bedroom.

tammy said...

Those are fantastic! She did a great job. I love that vintage car. I so need some pics done.

My World said...

One word: CUTE!!! Love the pix and the colors and your CUTE kids! It is hard to believe how big they are getting!!!

Candice said...

super cute pics! what a photogenic (is that how you spell it?) family! that craft night looks way fun, I think we'll be moving that weekend, or else I'd love to come! thanks for the invite and let me know when you do it again!

Schatz said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the much does she charge to do a shoot? Did I mention that I love the photos?

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