Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will this Day Ever End???

There are times when I just wonder how I am going to survive the day. This was one of those days. It was JAM PACKED with activities.

My day began by rolling out of bed and heading out to a church. A few months ago I joined an orchestra. The East Valley Mormon Choral Organization (EVMCO) started their inaugural season here in AZ. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to be able to play. Our concert was Dec. 10th so we had a marathon rehearsal on Saturday (Dec. 5).

It was a little complicated because Shawn is in the Adult we had to make sure our kids were taken care of. Basically this was the low down of the day.

7:00 am: wake up
8:00 am: Be at church ready to play
9:30 am: Shawn drops of kids at a friends...heads to church
12:00 pm: Rehearsal finally done...Shawn goes and picks up kids meets me at the house
12:30 pm: Load kids in the car again, head to Airport for the Company Children's Christmas Party
1:00 pm: Have a ton of fun at the party...

Visit with Santa

Ride on Ponies

Be super excited
and he totally doesn't want to get off.

We also get to hang out with my sis (because we both are flight attendants) & I get to see my old friend Shannon (who I stole this picture from). Shannon and I were in 'Barbie Boot Camp' aka Flight Attendant Training together. She is an awesome Mom of 3 boys. She says that I was her inspiration to start blogging, but I think she has far surpassed my blogging capabilities. It is nice to know that I will atleast see her once a year at this party. Maybe next time I will actually get a pic of us together!

4:00 pm: Wrap up our fun in the hanger. Load the kids up again to head home.
4:30pm: Arrive at home. Run inside. Make garden salad for Ward Christmas Party while Shawn puts some finishing touches on our Christmas lights.
5:00 pm: Load the kids in the car AGAIN! to go to our Ward Christmas Party. Have a great time visiting with friends, eating, and also had the opportunity to play my violin & Shawn sing in an ensemble for the program. Also get to visit Santa...again. :o)
7:00 pm: Leave party, come home. Bundle up kids to walk our neighborhood. Every year they have "The Lighting of the Houses"...they send out a flyer, and tell everyone to have their lights up by a certain weekend. Then that night 'stations' with Hot Coco, and goodies are set up through out the neighborhood. So you can walk around and see everyone's displays.

8:00 pm: Get back home. Put kids to bed.

8:30 pm: Shawn and I pass out! Seriously we were out so fast. My sister told me the next day that Maya had come by around 9 or 9:30 to show us that she had pulled out her tooth...and we didn't answer. I didn't even HEAR we had to have been out cold!

We really did have a great time, but man! I think so many people try to avoid having things right around Christmas...but instead it kinda backfires because then we have many, many activities all in the same day!! least we survived!

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becky lee said...

Boy, the busy life of young families these days...very reminiscence of our lives when we were raising our children. You are darling, Crystal, as well as a good writer. Merry Christmas to you from Sr. Lisonbee. (Hope you are using your beautiful singing voice as well as your talents in the orchestra!)

tammy said...

Wow. What a day. Blaine always tells me he never knows about those parties. Maybe they don't want the pilots there?

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