Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Tape

Jenny & I before we went out
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Jenny and I had bought tickets to go see Les Miserables. We were super excited. It was a girls night. I had just got my hair cut, and we dressed up for the occasion.

It had been about a week since Shawn had professed his love. We had still continued to hang out and I continued to "thank" him for his words. My mind was in control this time, and I just didn't want to let go.

It was nice to have a night out with my friend, and enjoy a magnificent performance. After we got out of Gammage, I noticed that I had a voicemail. I dialed in and listened.

It was Shawn. He had something for me. He wanted me to run by his house and get it...even if it was late.

So on my way home from Jenny's I stopped by his house. It was a tape (you know those things called cassettes...yeah...we are really dating ourselves now.) He told me to wait until I got home that night to listen to it.

Driving home, I wondered what it could be. I got home, went down stairs to my room, and popped it into my stereo. It was at that moment that my life changed forever.

I sat on my bed facing the stereo as Shawn's voice came singing through the speakers....(You can download and listen to the actual recording here.)

Is Love is a state,
You drive into.
A long winding path
or something you do.
It's a magical world,
It takes us all in.
You might always lose her,
But one day you'll win

I will make you happy,
That's what my love will do.
I will make you happy,
cuz my love is true.

I think you know,
Look in my eyes.
What my hearts to say,
Just what my heart cries.
It might not be easy to let your heart go...
But girl I love you,
and I think you know, cuz

I will make you happy.
That's what my love will do.
I will make you happy,
cuz my love is true.

Oh it is true.

Listen to me,
Don't shut your ears.
I'll always be here to dry your tears.
Just hold me girl,
Squeeze real tight.
Put your arms around me baby
cuz it'll be alright.

I will make you happy.
That's what my love will do.
I will make you happy
cuz my love is true.

Oh it's true.

Half way through that song...there was a part that said "I know it's not easy, to let your heart go." It was at that moment, I was overcome by the spirit. My mind was screaming to just run the other way. But the spirit touch my heart, and I knew that I had to at least give this boy a chance. I sat there and sobbed and sobbed at the possibility of being hurt again...little did I know that wouldn't happen.

What makes this part even crazier is Shawn had actually written this song for another girl, but then decided not to give it to her. Yet I feel that this song was meant for me, it was exactly what I needed to hear in order to really open my heart to him.

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Frolicking Night Owl said...

K - BEAUTIFUL song! Totally unexpected!!

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