Monday, February 22, 2010

The Day After

A few years ago I had started writing about Our Love Story. My plan was to continue on and finish it through out that year...obviously life took hold of me and I stopped after only two posts.

Well this coming Friday, February 26th, Shawn and I will have been married 10 YEARS!!! Over the past few weeks I have been thinking alot about those first moments that I had with him when we met. I was awful at documenting it in an actual journal and don't want it to go unwritten. I will start off where I left off, and hopefully post a little bit each day.

Enjoy reading. :o)

I remember waking up that Sunday morning. I went to my regular family ward, but also planned on going with Jason to the 'Singles Ward' where Shawn had invited him. At this point, I wasn't really looking for anything. I had a fun time with Shawn and his friends the night prior, but did not really want anything further than that.

We showed up at the church building and sat with Shawn. I noticed he took great care at explaining to Jason what was going on. It was a typical Sacrament meeting. It was interesting seeing him in a little different atmosphere. He was still very outgoing, and helpful to Jason. Yet he was very considerate of Jason and his feelings. I guess that was the missionary in him. He was very eager to share the gospel with him. After church we hung out a bit again. Someone had left some music near a piano. I picked it up, and began playing again. Shawn joined in singing. It was then again that I noticed how beautiful his voice was. I seriously could listen to it all day long.

Somewhere during that day he pulled out his rusty ol' planner (remember this was over 10 years ago...people didn't use their cell phones as much as they do today.) and he asked for Jason's phone number. I sat there wondering if he would ask for mine, but at the same time didn't really think much about it either. Then he turned to me and did. My heart jumped a little, but I shrugged it off....we were just friends after all.

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2 people know I LOVE comments!:

Patrice said...

I relive that day over and over when Melissa calls me with similar ones. Gotta love it!

Shawn said...

I put it in my phone. You had the planner! :)

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