Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Dinner

We lived in Mesa 6 years before we moved, and during that time we made some great friends. Obviously we can't invite everyone over (please no hurt feelings!), but we finally invited a few families over for dinner the other night. It gave us the chance to chat, check out our new place, and enjoy a yummy dinner with everyone contributing to the meal. We had such a good time that we will probably end up making this a regular event. Thanks for making the trek out to our house!
Kim, Me, Sherry & Melanie

Yes is REALLY walking now!!!


Rachael with Thomas & Abigail


Brooklyn, Sydney, Brenley & Courtney enjoying their food The men hanging out in the loft
Caden & Jaden I can't believe the mess Courtney made (j/k...this was a collective effort by all the kids)
This was Rachael the majority of the evening...those kids and their cell phones! :)

Mitchell, Kindyl, Courtney, Brenley, Brooklyn & Sydney having fun on the trampoline.

I really am so thankful for the wonderful friendships that I have with these families. Our kids always have so much fun together. Thanks for the great night, and the yummy food. I can't wait until next month!

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Patrice said...

It's great when the kids get along as if no time has passed. Looks like a super fun evening.

Maranda Whittle said...

Looks like a lot of fun and that food looked good!

Kim said...

It was fun and I loved the food! We should do it again. This summer when it is hot we should do a pool party and not on Sunday of course.

sherry said...

It was so much fun! It always shocks me to see pics of myself these days. Is that really me? I love how Macey and Abigail look like they are chatting in that pic. So cute!

Devan and Robyn said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!! How fun to get all those cute kids together! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the new house!!

One Anxious Mommy said...

Cute pics - looks like you all had a great time!

Alleman Family said...

I would love to see you too! Maybe we could do dinner or ice cream with Justin. I'd feel bad if I came down there and didn't say hi to him too. :) Maybe Friday evening sometime? Let me know! I don't have a cell so why don't you email me your cell number and I'll call you. Give Justin a call and see if he's free too.

Melanie and Will said...

I'm glad you took pics! It was a fun night and some YUUMMMMYYY food!!!! Can't wait for next month either! Thanks for being a great hostess.

Jen Olson Brown said...

I am fellow mother of 3 kids exactly your kids' same years. (I found your blog from Ben & Kim's) I feel for your hard work, labors, and joys! Great job and know that you are doing great!

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