Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day Silent Auction: Arizona Diamondback Tickets!

Gabrielle at Design Mom has declared today "Nie Nie day". As part of Nie Nie Day many websites and blogs are hosting silent auctions to help benefit the Stephanie and Christian Nielson. 100% of the winning bids will go their recovery fund.

  1. To place a bid just click on the link that says "People know I love comments!" and enter your dollar amount. (If you don't have a blog, THAT'S OKAY - Just your 'identity' can be anonymous)

  2. Make sure you leave some way that I can contact you when the bidding is over

  3. Bids should be make in dollar increments (ie. if the current bid is $100 the next bid should be atleast $101 not $100.50)

  4. ALL of the proceeds go to Stephanie and Christian

  5. The auction will close on Monday, September 1st @ 9:00 am (PST)
The item up for bid:

4 Tickets to the Diamondback/St. Louis game on September 3rd @ 12:40 pm.

Plus...a parking pass for the Jefferson Street Garage.

Now these aren't just any tickets... they are DUGOUT BOX SEATS (valued at$125.00 a piece!) If you win you will be sitting pretty right here!

If you still want to help,

but can't afford to bid...

you can donate directly to the Stephanie & Christian Nielson Paypal fund


Go check out this list an this list of other auctions

Also if you can do me a favor, and EMAIL as many people as you feel comfortable about THIS auction and if you have a blog post a link for me? would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Bidding!

If you want to read a wonderful post about the Nielsons go here.

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12 people know I LOVE comments!:

Jaime Stephens said...

No Bids??? I will start I know this is low but you have to start somewhere :-) $50

Catie said...

I bid $100!

Katie said...

You are so awesome! I am currently bidding on a different item. Good Luck with your auction! I think it will do great!

hilari said...

$125 for me!

Cammee said...

Great auction! $200

Julie said...

If we win do we have to take you and shawn:) 300.00

Katie J. Layton said...

I think it is wonderful that you are getting involved and helping this couple. I feel so bad for them and their family. I have been praying for them. Right now we don't know how much Kendra's medical bills will cost and so I am not bidding. I will not forget to pray for them and their family members.

Becky said...

$350. What a great thing to auction off.

Cammee said...

I posted a link to your auction on my blog. I stole the picture, too. I hope that is ok.

This is an amazing auction, and I'm not even a Diamondback fan! If I could make it, it would so be mine!

The Richardsons said...

We'll do $500.

Madsen Family said...

HI NIE SUPPORTERS! If you like Arizona Sports, I have a lot of Phoenix Suns things up for auction on my page (including a poster matted, framed, and autographed by the entire team) Let's help this family as much as we can. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!

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