Friday, January 4, 2008

After Christmas Party

I have always been a little jealous of Shawn and his friends from high school. He has a wonderful group of friends and they are so good at keeping in touch. They always make the effort to get together at least once a year if not more. I had a great group of friends too, and the funny thing is that alot of them married each other, but for some reason we don't see each other (except for Julie and Robbie). I really enjoy the friendships that Shawn and I have with his group, and am thankful that we are able to continue to do things together. It has been fun to watch all of our families grow. We got together a few days after Christmas this year. We had a mexican potluck, and had fun catching up while our kids ran wild around our house. At one point we tried to get all the kids together to take a picture, but we couldn't get them all together at once. Instead we took pictures of each family as they left the party. It was such a fun time. I hope to try to reconnect with some of my friends this year. Hopefully we can make that happen.

We also decided at the last minute to get together for New Years Eve. We all made a drive out to Katie's house for some fun. We played games, talked, and even built a fire in their fire pit in the backyard. It was alot of fun even though that was when I was getting sick. I did manage to snap a photo of everyone (minus Candice and her husband - they left before we took the shot) before we headed back home. I was the one taking this that is why Shawn is all by himself.
Coming into the New Year I have alot of things that I would like to accomplish. I know alot of times resolutions fall short, but I like to just look at them as goals. They may change throughout the year, but for now I feel it is important to write them down. I might even surprise myself by actually achieving them! Looking back on 2007, I feel like we have been blessed in so many ways. It was such a good year for our family. I started this blog last year in hopes that I could use it as a journal to record things that we did as a family. I really have enjoyed blogging, and hope to continue it for a long time.

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2 people know I LOVE comments!:

Rosie said...

Thanks for the suggestion-I am quite computer challenged so any help is greatly appreciated!

Heather said...

I hope you continue blogging too! And what a great thing to get together with friends. We are terrible about staying in contact and I wish we had taken better care to stay in touch with people.

Maybe my new goal can be to make more friends!

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