Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meeting Baby Thomas

Watching your children as they meet their sibling for the first time is one of the most precious things to witness. They finally get to see the tiny little baby that has been 'growing' in Mommy's tummy. As time grew closer to my due date, Caden and Sydney were more and more anxious to meet this little bundle. Since Thomas came at night, the kids didn't get to meet him until the following morning.

In walked Caden and Sydney with their "I am the BIG Brother/Sister" shirts that we had made together shortly before Thomas was born. Caden was holding a gift that he had helped pick out for the baby. He was so sure that the "baby was going to LOVE it." My heart melted as they first laid eyes on their brother. Caden was amazed at how tiny the baby was. They both immediately wanted to hold their brother.

Caden was nice enough to open the gift he had chosen for Thomas. He waved the little cow in front of the baby's face, and then exclaimed..."See Mom, he LOVES it!" They got excited when they realized that Thomas had gotten them gifts too. Caden got Chick Hicks & the Dynaco car from the movie Cars. Sydney got some more dollies for her dollhouse. They couldn't be happier about the arrival of their new 'Baby Thomas.'

It really was a sweet moment for me.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

love when the kids get to meet a new sibling! it makes for the sweetest pictures and always makes me cry. love when they are still so excited to hold the baby. and not yet ready to send it back. WHOOHOO for gifts for the baby and for the siblings. smart mama there.

Amz said...

This is such a special time, and I always feel like time is standing still when the siblings meet the new baby. Wonderful post. He is just beautiful!

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