Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Facts

So what seems like ages ago I was tagged by Jenifer to do this meme. I started working on it, but then Thomas came...and well, everything took a backseat. Now I finally got around to finishing it! Enjoy!

#1 Link to the person that tagged you.
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#3 Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
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1. I don’t like apple juice. I don’t know why, but I don’t. It was kinda funny because the year after I graduated from high school, I ended up with a secret admirer dropping things off at my door for about a week. He would leave a note, and then some sort of Martinelli’s product. I got the sparkling cider, actual apple juice, and some other type of apple juice type stuff. Julie and I had to laugh because this guy obviously didn’t know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t truly appreciate his gesture.

2. I have an open bite. That means that only my back two molars touch. Yeah, it is pretty crazy. No one can really notice unless I show them, but I can literally be biting down with all of my might and still stick a cracker between my teeth. It was fixed at one point (Shawn’s uncle is an orthodontist), but within a year of me getting braces off, my tongue thrust pushed them apart again. Somehow I still manage to chew, but I hate biting into things! It is not an easy task.

3. I have lived in Arizona my entire life, but have never been to the Grand Canyon. I have driven past, but have never actually visited it! I think it is so strange. Hopefully when our kids get a bit older we can take the whole fam there.

4. I have only moved three times. I guess technically you could say 4, but I was only a few weeks old when my parents moved into the house I was raised in. I lived there until I was married. Then moved into our condo, and then moved to the house we live in now. I don’t plan on moving again.

5. I actually look forward to going to the Dentist. There is always that stigma that comes with Dentistry. Most people can’t stand it, but I really like to go. There is nothing better than walking out of that office with freshly cleaned pearly whites (thanks Heather). I do get cavities (those darn genetically bad teeth!), but I figure I am doing my part to keep my teeth as healthy as I can. BTW...I know of a FABULOUS dentist if you are looking for one!

6. I hate passing large vehicles (mainly Semi’s). I don’t know why it is, but it puts me in panic mode. I literally hold my breath every time I pass a Semi. My heart races, and I just plain hate it. My mind goes into a dream sequence (like in Scrubs), and I see the semi coming into my lane to demolish me in my car. I just am waiting for the day that they don’t see me, and it actually happens. I do the same thing with cement trucks… I hate driving behind them. I always picture the thing all of a sudden pouring cement all over me. Yes…send me to the looney bin – I hallucinate when I drive.

7.My hair gets curlier after each pregnancy. Does this happen to you? I used to have stick straight hair, but after each kid it has gotten wavier and wavier. It would be nice if it actually looked good, but it is just a funky wave. Maybe if I have a bunch of kids the natural curl will actually be something I can work with...in the meantime it is just a pain in the behind!

Now consider yourself tagged...let me know when you write a post. I would love to come read it!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

fun quirky randoms! way to go liking the dentist. and bummer about the open bite. DANG!
funny on he apple juice bandit. and I've only been to the grand canyon to look over the edge, and hit the gift shop. FUN. i am not a camper so that is most likely NEVER gonna happen.

way to go on this!

Katie said...

I don't like apple juice either! And I don't like cranberry juice. BUT after having Taylor I had apple juice and cranberry juice in the hospital mixed together and LOVED it! Alone, not so good. Together, Yummy!

Susie said...

I like the dentist too--or did until mine retired--now I need a new one, but really can't afford to travel to AZ--bummer, finding a dentist is scary for me.
My hair did the exact opposite of yours and went from crazy curls to straight and fine. I only have one kid, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks for sharing these facts abt you! I recently just did one if you get a moment to stop by and read.

Rhiannon said...

I have to agree with on the wavy hair and the dentist. I love the dentist. I love the fresh feeling of my nice clean teeth. Also my hair gets wavier everytime I have a kid. In high school my hair was just straight and thick and now I get to add wavy to the mix. It's funny though because it's only in the underneath part of my hair not on top. I'm sure I have another kid it would just all go curly but we will never know.

Andrea said...

love your randoms! we have a bit in common. well, i love apples & apple juice (including the sparkling martinelli's). pretty funny about your secret admirer! i love visiting the dentist (although I've only gone a handful of times for, yes, cavities). i also don't like driving past huge trucks & semi's. I envision the scary wreckage happening to me as they whiz passed me. and I have had stuff hit my car from a truck in front of me, well it drove over some tire rubber on the road & hit my windshield - totally cracked it & I had to get it fixed! I think my hair gets wavier with kids too. but not the pretty curly wave, just weird curly waves in the back, but turns to frizz when i brush thru it. so I have to blow dry my hair & curl it. so much maintenance! ha ha :) Oh, and I was born & raised in AZ (only lived in TX for 5 1/2 yrs) and have never been to the Grand Canyon either. So there, you're not too weird! LOL :)

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